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A pair of brothers in Kansas won $75,000 in the lottery last week and proceeded to celebrate their newfound wealth in the only logical way possible:

By buying weed and meth and accidentally blowing up their home in Wichita.

According to The Wichita Eagle, one of the unnamed siblings went to the kitchen around 7 p.m. Friday to refuel the butane torches with which he planned to light the brothers’ bongs.

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But when he emptied these large cans of fluid, butane leaked into the air and “as you might expect,” Sgt. Bruce Watts told the newspaper: “Ka-Boom.”


The explosion sent one of the brothers to the hospital, where he remains in stable condition with second-degree burns on his hands, chest and arms.

The other brother was arrested after admitting to police he was in possession of marijuana and methamphetamine.

Perhaps most shocking of all? Neither of the brothers is related to Honey Boo Boo.