Kim Kardashian: Kris Humphries is Threatening My Baby!

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It is officially on between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. For real this time.

Not long after Humphries' lawyer questioned why Kim's pregnancy should play any role in her divorce case against his client, Kardashian has gone on the offensive against the Nets power forward.

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In a declaration filed today, Kim says that Humphries isn't simply irritating her by dragging his legal feet… he's putting the "health and well-being of my unborn child" at risk.

This assertion follows the claim that Kardashian has been experiencing severe pregnancy pains as a result of divorce-related stress.

Kim says she simply wants to move on and that an official split "will help create a new, full life for me," once again using her fetus as a figurative weapon against her ex-lover.

Overall, Kardashian argues, Humphries "is in control of my misery" and she wants this mess to be over.

And, finally, on that, THG has found something on which it can Kim Kardashian can agree.



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Kim Kardashian: Kris Humphries is Threatening My Baby!
Now tell me it's not real!
You are welcome)


Kris Humphrey is getting more attention than he ever got in his life. Before Kim got with him most people did know who he was. Yeah he play ball but was never relevant.He had the nerve to want Kim to have his kids. Kris is a joke. He should have been good to Kim


Ya know she could just give him the money it takes to get ride of him and be over it, really...


Regardless of wether kris is a mediocre basketball player or not and regardless of kims sluttines or fraud wedding. The question remains why is kim using her pregnancy as an excuse. Just bc sje got knocked up when she was still married doesnt mean kris should change how he feels, hes been saying he wants an annulment and kim knew thay. So if there is stress on the baby thays nobodies fault but her own. Yhey were in this divorce battle before she got pregnant and if she was stressed out from it then, it only makes since to not have unprotected sex. Period.

@ Tiffanii

Nobody asked Kris to hang around one year and a half cuz he's obsessed with Kim and nobody wants him.Sh does not have to put her life on hold to please him.if he didn't play ball he would have absolutely nothing going on at age28

@ Tiffanii

Nobody asked Kris to hang around one year and a half cuz he's obsessed with Kim and nobody wants him.Sh does not have to put her life on hold to please him.if he didn't play ball he would have absolutely nothing going on at age28


Is she effing serious? This heifer has gone 31 years without getting knocked up and she couldn't just wait until her divorce was official before she decided she had finally reached the pinnacle of her pole climbing career and better go ahead and trap Kanye quick. What she doesn't realize is Kanye was only down with it to one up Amber, and when Kanye gets sick of her he's taking the baby and drowning her reality career in one fell swoop. Trust and believe if she marries Kanye he is not letting her walk away with anything that she didn't already have.


TO mattew again... I have time it is snowing big time!
I know she asked for the divorce back in Nov, but It was after that that they went to court for the first time and asked for some docs...So why oh why the Networks are not providing those tapes? What are they afraid of? If the tables were turned don't you think these Kartrashians would do the same? Of course! Also, Kris was deposed in June, Kim as yet to be deposed but she has time to take numerous vacations but cannot find 1 day for the deposition. I for one, am glad that Kris is not letting himself be manipulated by them... and he knows them more than anyone outhere. Just saying!!!!!!!!!!!! have a good snow day. MB


To Mattew. No I am not a morron, in fact alot of people have mentionned the same. You are obviously a friend of Kim . As for Kris if he was a mediocre player why would he gets paid $12M/year that is not the salary of a mediocre player!. He has talent, she has none except for making a sex tape in which she got pissed on. MB

Orlando perez

this world doesn't need more shallow people multiplying
spreading there crappy genes..


I think alot of people have it wrong. It is the Kim kamp that has delayed everything by not providing the uncut tapes from E network. What are they afraid of?? I remember watching the preps for the wedding and at one point Kim said "I feel like I am on a rollercoaster and do not know what to do but I have to go through with it (the wedding) and that in itself constitute fraud! period, so I don't disappoint anybody. Even the Networks knew she did not want to get married and that is what the tapes would show. All viewers knew it was a fraudulent wedding!!
Kanye was finally free and she wanted to go after him then but the preps for the wedding were to far gone and cancelling would have been bad for business!!! We all know what happend after that... the debacle started so she could go for a divorce. Everything with the Trashians is calculated, everything they do or say. Kris is right about asking for an annulment. I think she will eventually give him that as oppose of fraud, because then the networks would be implicated. Just saying based on what I saw on tv.. MB

@ mboomer

You really are a moron. Kim's been trying to get a divorce since October of 2011, yet it's her fault for dragging? Your claims don't back anything up. What actually happened was Kim had questions about whether they should have gone through with the marriage. If every marriage was "fraudulent" that involved one of the two questioning the marriage, half the marriages in this country would be fraudulent. Kris is the one pushing this to the limit. All because his 10 seconds of fame will be up, and only his basketball skills will get him attention. Since he's a mediocre NBA player at best, his fame will end, and people will forever remember him as the one who Kim married then divorced.


Same old no talent tramp,looking for attention. The kartrashians 15 r up!!!

@ Snicker

Kris is the one looking for attention, not Kim. Talk about someone's fame being up, I'd rather be famous for a sextape and a TV show than to be famous because you married someone who's actually famous while you're not.

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