Justin Bieber Smoking Weed: All Good, According to The Game!

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Reactions continue to pour in following the release of Justin Bieber weed photos.

With some fans of the singer actually cutting themselves in disturbed response to this news, rapper The Game has now offered his take on the situation.

The Game Photograph
Justin Bieber Shirtless Photo

"Let's keep it real," The Game told TMZ yesterday. "There's a lot of people in high positions... who smoke a little weed sometimes."

Still, this doesn't mean the artist is letting Justin off the hook. He made it clear:

"I'm not saying it's okay... but [Bieber] made a mistake. Forgive him. Let him go through the growing pains of his life."

And if the young man does want to smoke some pot sometimes? It's pretty darn easy to get a prescription weed card in California. It's legal and everything!

So, time to chime in again, Beliebers: What's your reaction to Justin Bieber smoking weed?


I'm not as much upset as I am worried about his health I don't want anything to happen to him I care about him as a person and a friend if he wants to be friends that is


he is 16 or 18 i don't care but he can't do that so if you say he can he can't


He is 18 year's old!!:)He can do what heck he want's!!If you are true fan you will still be there for him!!I smoke pot and it's nothing bad!We are just still young adults!!We are still experminting!!Sp stupid Judge him for doing what he does

@ Veronica Okarski

Well he might die how would you like that

@ Idhater

You can't die from pot. You can't overdose. Sure, you can die in a car crash while high, or perhaps get lung cancer, but you can't die directly from pot.


He's 18 years old, he's old enough to do the hell he wants!
Just let him be, whether he smokes or not he'll still have the kindest heart & still loves his fans as much they love him! If your a true belieber you would love him no matter what <3 I know i do :) I love justin & im so proud to be a belieber, I love you justin <3


mot being funny but its up to justin bieber what he does, it not going to affect you it going to affect him, so i dont get why people are cutting themslves over it! its not a big deal or anything, its a bit of wwed. WOW. i love justin bieber dnt get mewrong, but i dont get why people are punishing themslevesbecause something he did, its not a big deal! hes nt dying or anything, hes still here. js

@ gingejammiii

They're not punishing themselves, they're trying to get Justin Bieber to feel bad so that he'll stop.


Is it ok of wanting to kill Justin bieber like tie him to a metal frame,cut his stomach,reaching into his bowels and making him eat his own shit that is gargling and whining all over the radio,Internet,phones and etc? WOW he smoked weed, maybe get hooked on the process but thats his first I did mushrooms and no one made a big deal out of it to me blah blah blah blah the world would be better of if the Tweens cutting themselves DIE ALREADY including beaver bieber, if I was dead I'd listen to him but then agian the insane clown posse are better AT LEAST they went in a fashionable way of paying out on feminem if anyone has a problem with me saying this shit so what IM Australian and 21 years old but follow me on Facebook www.facebook/Blazejosmonoxidechild oh and if just bieber has a problem for this post I got no problem facing him and punching in his fucking skull
Then having Selena gomez watch in happiness as it happen :) cya people


i love justin bieber so mush

@ stephanie



he is a public person who inspire the young generation,so yes,its a very big problem that he smokes weed,every drug addict starts with weed.


Justin, don't do this stuff 2 ur - self . Smoking weed is 2 much. what do you think your fans think of you bieber? your fans did and do think a lot of you. I know my little- girl 8 yrs. old does, her name is La'Whitley Whited.


justin we are all very disapointed in you ...... come on u have so many fans and ur just hurting them by doing dumb shit!!!! u r gona lose fans if u dont stop! please dont do this to urself

@ alyssa shoemaker

Why would you be so ignorant as to be angry about someone smoking weed? Over half of the world smokes and much more than that in the music industry

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