Justin Bieber Family Photos: AWWWW!

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THGers, prepare to swoon in 3... 2... 1...

Justin Bieber has made public a pair of especially adorable photos, both of which feature him being extra cute with his little brother and sister.

Justin Bieber and Brother
Justin Bieber and Siblings

"Put my bro to sleep (with a chokehold) last night," Bieber joked as a caption to the first. "JK he fell asleep in my arms but sometimes big bros gotta put their Lil bros in headlocks."

In the second, meanwhile, Justin plays with three-year old Jaxon and his four-year-old sister Jazmyn on vacation, hinting that the stress of his Selena Gomez split made a getaway very much welcome.

"vacay with my family. #greattimes #neededThis @JeremyBieber @pattiemallette @JazmynBieber @JaxonBieber," Bieber Tweeted Friday.

Since then, the singer has found himself at the center of yet another controversy, as The Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney changed his Twitter profile to mock the young artist.

Can't JB ever catch a break?!?


Justin I can belive u said that .......... So wat eva !!!!!!!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$$


Fuck u all bitchs I don't know y your'll like me cause I don't like your'll.......... So wat eva.......$$$$$$$$


Fuck u all ,I give a fuck about your'll


Yea if u r broken hearted get close to ur family to cheer u up more over he still very very young he needs dat b happy justin


So. You Code


Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww them pics are soooooooooooo cute xxxxxxx Love u Justin


tell me, what is the meaning of all this?
..............HE IS STILL A KID HIMSELF!!


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