Jennifer Lawrence: No Makeup! Brown Hair! Weed! [Photos]

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Jennifer Lawrence is taking a much-needed break after Hollywood awards season. Well, sort of. She's in Hawaii to film The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

After winning the Academy Award for Best Actress Sunday, the Silver Linings Playbook star jetted off to resume production on her next blockbuster.

She did find some time to relax, though, thank goodness. A girl's gotta wear no makeup and kick back with friends. Spoiler alert: She's still gorgeous!

Jennifer Lawrence, No Makeup
Jennifer Lawrence No Makeup Pic

Lawrence, 22, was seen hanging out, make-up free and in casual clothes, with a friend on her hotel balcony in the tropical location on Wednesday.

Lots more photos after the jump!

The two pals enjoyed a bottle of wine and a few laughs while taking in the ocean view. In one sweet shot, the girlfriends gave each other big hugs.

On the Oscars red carpet, the star said her post-Oscar plans included returning to work to finish filming The Hunger Games' much-anticipated sequel.

"I go get my hair dyed for Catching Fire and flying to Hawaii for two weeks," she said. "[It's] not reshoots, they're just scenes we haven't finished."

She said she would have a little down time, thankfully. "I see my couch. I see TV," the self-professed reality TV junkie said, "I see a bottle of wine!"

We see The Bachelor spoilers, Jen, if you're interested. We know you told Chris Harrison you're a big fan, so it's okay to sneak a peek if you must.

Same goes for you, THGers. And click to enlarge the Jennifer Lawrence photos below to see what America's sweetheart looks like without makeup!

Jennifer Lawrence With No Makeup
Jennifer Lawrence Without Make Up
Jennifer Lawrence Without Makeup
Jennifer Lawrence No Makeup Photo
Jen Lawrence and Friend
Jennifer Lawrence Hugs

UPDATE: Looks like it was an even more fun time than we realized. Check out a bonus shot that appears to show Jennifer Lawrence smoking pot!

Jennifer Lawrence Smoking Pot
Heather renee eaton lystad

I don't see why this is such a huge topic right now. So she drinks and smokes pot? Like others have said, all celebrity's do it. She's 22, she's of legal drinking age give me a break. I get sick of parents who want to blame celebrity's and such for their children turning out bad. It's not the celebrity's fault if you kid chooses to make bad choices. Their just a person like anyone else. They should be allowed to live their lives as they wish and just because someone chooses to look up to them doesn't mean they should have to suddenly change their lifestyle for fear of being bad mouthed cause they did something that wasn't kosher to that person. So parents, get your heads out of your butt and stop blaming everyone but your self for you kids problems. Monitor their tv time and try and shield them from the bad media. Don't blame others for the choices your kid makes. Bottom line, it's not Jennifer Lawrence's fault, or any other celebrity's for that matter, that your child is making the choices they are. I say bravo to Jennifer Lawrence for being real.


who's her friend and what happened after that hug?!??!??


Whoa Hoe!! She does look scary with dark hair and no make up


I would just like to know why "weed" is in the title.

@ asdfj

Because in the last picture she has a bottle of wine and a lighter in one hand, and a glass and joint in the other...


She actually looks really young, happy, and cute. Good for her for being a "real girl"

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