Jennifer Lawrence Falls on Stairs After Winning Best Actress

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Life's a trip for Jennifer Lawrence these days.

Now without a doubt Hollywood's #1 leading lady, the newly-crowned Best Actress winner fell on the stairs en route to the stage at the 2013 Academy Awards.

It was anything but a fall from grace, though. The star's stumble (and her acting in Silver Linings Playbook) earned a standing ovation from the crowd.

How does anyone not adore this girl? Watch Jennifer Lawrence fall, then give a charmingly breathless acceptance Oscar speech just seconds later:

As if Jennifer Lawrence's fall wasn't endearing enough, her wide-eyed surprise at being on entertainment's biggest stage (let alone winning) was wonderful.

Of her fellow nominees, she said, "It's been so amazing getting to know you, you've been so nice, and you made this experience unforgettable."

Not that it's easy for her.

Earlier in the evening, she admitted, "Every time they call my name, there's one moment where I'm like, 'I won! Oh my God, I have to go up there!'"

It won't be the last time.

Now with an Academy Award under her belt and two mega-franchises in their prime (The Hunger Games and X-Men), the 22-year-old beauty's star is rising.


The tripp was staged. I should know. Im a TRIPP! had to be an act. Do Hollywood stars that are clumsey make it to the top? Id think clumsiness would be a deterant to success.

@ tripps

Well, trip you are a Trip. When you have acting chops like Jennifer Lawrence, well a small trip is nothing!!

@ Nelly

Agreed. And yet still, one small accident in the big scheme of things is irrelevant. If anything it made her even more popular. After all, no one is making accusations of the trip being drug or alcohol induced. No one is saying she handled the embarrassing situation with anything but pure class. She proved herself even more in the sense that its not what happens to a person in life that makes or breaks them..its how they handle it. This girl will rise and the jealousy of her peers will too. Soon they'll be looking for anything they can to bring her down. Don't expect another Britney or JLow. No courtrooms in her future either. This wasn't another Kardashian. It was just a trip. One little thing that some people might have hoped would give them that imperfection that they could get their nails under and rip her apart. Too bad for them. It didn't work for em this time..but be sure they haven't given up.


Initially, I thought the fall was know, because EVERYONE is talking abbout it today. Maybe she was just overwhelmed and men don't realize how hard it is to walk in high heels. Regardless, she's so young for winning her Oscar and she can laugh about that fall...all the way to the bank!

@ Maxx

She's young but earned her stripes..starred in Winter's Bone before won kudos at the Sundance Film Festival..she is a star......


She is a beautiful person inside and out regardless of her slipping and falling.


I'll admit I wasn't too thrilled that Jennifer Lawrence won the Oscar because I feel on some level when you've given such an honor like an academy award sometimes the work ethic dries up and you've reached a peak in your career just ask Ben Afleck! And it true he won best picture last night. But look how long it took for him to get that far! From the time he did Good Will Hunting. Look at all the bad film choices he's had. But thank goodness he's back and I loved his touching speech that he gave his wife. And I love Jennifer's speech too. Finally she didn't stick her foot in her mouth. I just hope she continues to do great work. And that her career doesn't peak. That aside, What the fuck was up with Anne Hathaway's Titty dress? What? It wasn't enough that she flashed her bottom region not too long ago, she wanted to show off her areola's excitement too! Just sayin' it took away from her Oscar win. Tacky!


I was surprised that Seth MacFarlane did a great job. In the beginning it was a little boring, but then things began to pick up. He can sing. I enjoyed the show this year. The only thing was Jennifer Lawrence. It seems that at every awards show, something always happens to her. Last award show, her dress split, then she came to an award show with the flu, & now falls. WOW.. What a KLUTZ..The dress was totally hideous. ew

@ show me

It's all the rage in romance movies for women to trip, and funny comedies. Jennifer Lawrence is a true class act..she realized she was not Meryl Streep and said, you gave me a standing ovation because i tripped..Jennifer Lawrence earned my respect.


Never heard of him before and didn't think I would enjoy the show, but I really did.


Jennifer Lawrence is now the new poster girl for the 'drugs and alcohol don't mix' campaign!

@ joenamherst

What an assinine thing to say . . . had to be a guy. Try wearing a dress that has all that fabric and high heels. Then open your big mouth.


Seth Macfarlane stunk up the place.


No, he didn't..but so true that I'm tired of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler..good bit, and Wm Shatner bit and Seth...pure genius..and then the class of movie stars dancing...awesome! Harry Potter could soft shoe, so enjoyable..and Charlene Theron and Tatum Channing what a pr.!!

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