Dave Grohl on Britney Spears: Kinda Dead Inside!

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Dave Grohl burned Britney Spears last night on Chelsea Lately - which he's guest hosting, amusingly - after she was reportedly passed over for a Las Vegas residency.

Instead of Brit, a prominent Vegas conglomerate allegedly went with a hypnotist, which the Foo Fighters frontman found particularly amusing:

Grohl, who's filling in for Handler in the week leading up to Sunday's Grammys, said of Britney, "She just kinda seems dead inside, like there's nothing behind her eyes."

"Like there's nothing in her boobs anymore!"

The ultimate insult.


Kind of hypocritical of Grohl to say such a thing being that the man that made him a star has been dead inside for nearly 20 years. BTW - Kurt would roll over in his grave if he knew Dave was hosting a retarded E show.


she needs spectacle?
...................HIRE ME, folks!!

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