Charlie Sheen Pleads with Christopher Dorner: Call Me!

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Charlie Sheen has recorded a video message in which he pleads with Christopher Dorner to come to his senses.

The ex-LAPD officer - who is accused of killing three people and is at the center of a man hunt throughout Los Angeles - wrote a rambling manifesto on Facebook this month in which he gushes over a variety of celebrities, including Sheen.

Dorner refers to the actor as "effin awesome."

Charlie Sheen Smiles

Now, in hopes of bringing this situation to a close, Sheen has reached out to the murder suspect and said:

"You mentioned me in your manifesto, so thank you for your kind words. I am urging you to call me. Let's figure out together how to end this thing."

Let's all hope the warlock can work some magic in this frightening case.


Who writes this cheap website?! His last name is DORMER with an M. Not an ounce of journalistic credibility. Sad site.

@ X

So the pictures with DorNers name stiched across his uniforms, are wrong?


Yea Charlie I'm sure he'll come out from where he's hiding and give you a jingle but first you need to furnish your phone number...(rolling eyes).


Regarding Dormer and a $1,000,000 reward..... all I can say is they sure must want to shut this guy up! Would be interesting to find out what the real story is behind his actions!


please tell him to go to a barber shop, THIS HAIRCUT IS FOR AGED PEOPLE.
he is?
.................OOH SORRY, folks!!

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