Bethenny Frankel Dishes on Healthy Snacks

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Bethenny Frankel knows a thing or two dozen about healthy recipes.

The reality star-turned-talk-show-host admits in the following video that she is "struggling" these days with her Jason Hoppy divorce case, but she's doing her best to move on.

And remain healthy, of course, as evidenced by the Bethenny Frankel granola recipe she's about to demonstrate.

Feel free to indulge yourself when you snack, Frankel says. Just pick your spots. And make yourself a tasty treat such as the one explained here:


Bethenny you are a disgusting person. I hope your talk show ends before it even begins!!! People think you are a vile and angry person and don't deserve happiness. When you had it you didn't appreciate it so crawl back into the hole you came from . . .


Love the idea for these snacks. Bethenny, you look great and I am glad that you are moving on.


read my lips: IN THE U.S.A. ISN'T "HEALTHY"...........healthy.


Bethenny is so VILE, DISGUSTING and ANOREXIC....On reality shows she has mistreated family and friends and her SK drinks are disgusting!!! Now this ANOREXIC TRAINWRECK is trying to be a role model for good health. Please GO AWAY Bethenny!!!!

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