Alec Baldwin Denies Racist Charges, Explains His Side of Run-In

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Angry confrontations with members of the paparazzi are nothing new for Alec Baldwin.

But charges of racism most certainly are, which is why the actor spoke out late yesterday and denied allegations that he went off on an African-American New York Post employee with taunts of "coon" and "drug dealer."

Alec Baldwin at the SAG Awards

"I don't think I've ever uttered a racial epithet to someone in my lifetime," Baldwin told The Gothamist.

He explained that the photographed in question "bumped" into him as Baldwin was crossing the street, adding that the action was "deliberate" because they want "to bait you, they want you to do something."

In response, Baldwin says he went home and called the police... with the photographer still around.

"While police were here, you'd figure that'd be an opportune time for this guy to really attempt to tar me in some way," he says. "But there was no mention of anything I said to him, no one said anything about me saying the N-word or taunting him or anything. So it was after the fact. He wants to say I used some racial slur against him."

But why not make this accusation with police officers standing right there, Baldwin asks?

Overall, the star said he isn't too concerned with his image because anyone remotely familiar with him knows he would never say such horrible things - but he does have very strong words for the newspaper at the center of this story:

"The Post will stop at nothing - that's what The Post is. Their function is to denigrate people, humiliate people, reduce people, make excuses for people who are their political partisans. It's a highly biased, highly politicized group of people... this is a new low."

Do you believe Baldwin? Choose a side now in his feud with The Post:


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Matt is 100 percent correct and I am a black woman working at a big agency who sees it every day.


@Matt delusional much?


Is this a joke? Hollywood is very far to the left. Actors are constantly brainwashed with left-wing propaganda, which states, among other things, that racism is "evil". Hollywood bends over backwards for blacks, and so do many actors. Give me a break! If anything, they should look into why so many white actors hate their own race.