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Was Mindy McCready under police scrutiny when she took her own life?

When the singer, who committed suicide Sunday, talked to officials in recent weeks about the death of her boyfriend David Wilson, her account changed.

Wilson, the father of her infant son Zane, died of gunshot wound to the head in January – in the same spot where police found Mindy McCready dead.

So what happened to the man she described as her “soul mate”?

McCready denies killing David Wilson, whose death is still under investigation, but her behavior in the 36 days between the shootings raised questions.


“At first, she said she hadn’t heard the gunshot because the TV was too loud. Then she said she had heard the gunshot,” a police source says.

“So obviously there were a lot of questions; [police wanted] clarification.”

McCready’s death was blamed on what “appears to be a single self-inflicted gunshot wound,” Cleburne County (Ark.) Sheriff’s officials said in a statement.

This differed from how the sheriff characterized Wilson’s demise.

His cause and manner of death still have not been established by officials. It was McCready’s publicist who said Wilson died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

As far as law enforcement is concerned, that case is open.

After Wilson’s death, McCready, 37, spoke to investigators multiple times, but they didn’t feel as if they were through with her even after three interviews.

“At no point did [police] say she was a suspect, and she wasn’t officially one,” says a source.

However, “She knew some of her answers didn’t stand up to questioning.”

“She was very cooperative, but she just wasn’t making a lot of sense.”

Given how crippled by drug abuse and depression she was in the weeks since Wilson died – and for years, off and on – that’s tragically not a major surprise.