Taylor Swift Slammed by... Michael J. Fox?!?

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At this year's Golden Globes, hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler jokingly told Taylor Swift not to date Michael J. Fox's young son.

But when asked later by Vulture for his thought on the singer actually getting with his 23-year old son, the iconic sitcom star didn't seem to be in a laughing mood.

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"I don't keep up with it all," Fox said when asked about the star's love life. "But Taylor Swift writes songs about everybody she goes out with, right?"

Yes, she does, Michael.

"What a way to build a career," the actor replied.


Swift, of course, has built an impressive career with that strategy. But is finally catching up with her personally? Following a split with Harry Styles, sources claimed this week that Bradley Cooper rejected Taylor's request to hang out.

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Taylor is a joke--she can't sing and thinks she's gods gift to men---remember she bought a house next to Kennedys to be close to her boy friend and he dumped her, what was a smart move she's crazy folks----she'd jump in bed with my dog if i'd let her but my dog has more sence then her to run away fast---GET A Life Taylor and grow up and seek doctors help for yourself you need it


This old man should leave the kids alone. He has enjoyed his time way back.many males seems to want to slam taylor bcos they feel a man should be playing with women and not the other way round. Egoistic wayof tthinking. Plz leave taylor alone to enjoy her life. Live and let leave


taylor swift is already so famous compared to his son. so what if he does nt want swift for his son, taylor swift doesnt care anyway she can live without the FOX


Talk about getting facts straight some of you certainly need to for sure. I don't like her music and certainly don't follow her, yet I know that she's dated more than 2 guys in the last year. I saw her perform on TV in New York on New Years Eve and she sucked. I wouldn't want my son dating her either, way to busy in love life for me.


Yes that's his opinion but everyone including the media should stop slamming Taylor Swift. Everyone thinks she's some kind of evil song writer but sometimes her words are very subtle. She's doesn't call out on the guy in her songs ( besides dear john ) and she has 2 albums out they're not all break up songs for example when she kick started her career with Love Story and You belong with me. Her albums have many songs which are not all break ups. Everyone believes what the media tell them but Taylor hasn't had millions of boyfriends maybe flings but not boyfriends. I don't think she should get black listed in Hollywood because of that.


Fox is entitled to his opinion. The son and Swift are both legal age and can date who they want (if the other is interested) To my knowledge, neither Swift or the Fox kit have said AANYTHING! lmao Maybe some thing chastity belts shud be used? Neat bondage gear if ya can get it! rotf. Swift writting songs about guys she dates or lovers? hmmm? Is this 15 minutes of fame for her date? Is it a method of humiliation against those other men? Now weigh your chances to be judged in the Public Court of Swift and ask yourdelf if you would date her. I know Im an ass but to make it a subject of folk music? Id have to decline. Better to surprise my next victim! rotflmmfao


She has been with more men in the past two years then Kim Kardashian has in seven seasons of the Kardashians show...ijs...it's true look it up...

@ mika

Wow 2 is now a big number! in 2012 she dated Connor and Harry that is all. Any others are gossip site fantasy.


Why do they slam Taylor for doing what every young woman is supposed to do...DATE. It's better than getting married only to divorce quickly like many other young stars have. Stop the hating people.


Another icon people are trying to bring down to make them more human like themselves. Most people wish they were taken out for free dinners as often asTaylor is. I don't even believe there is such a thing as true love at her level of celebrity but it all sells more albums, its all good.


I dont think he was referring to the number of guys she has dated but just the fact that she makes a song about it LOL!