Taylor Swift: Rejected by Bradley Cooper?

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Having just split with Harry Styles, Taylor Swift is reportedly on the rebound.

There's just one problem: She has no one to snag off the relationship boards.

Taylor Swift Close Up
Bradley Cooper at Press Event

Radar Online sources claim Swift asked Jennifer Lawrence to put in a good word with Silver Linings Playbook costar Bradley Cooper, only for the handsome actor to rebuff the singer right off the bat.

"Bradley has absolutely no intention of getting together with Taylor," an insider says. "He thinks she’s far too young for him and wants to date someone his own age, not 16 years younger, because he’s ready for something serious."

The source adds that Cooper is concerned about Swift's reputation as a "serial dater."

It's unclear if he's also aware Swift is considered a prude.

“It was an ambitious move from Taylor," the mole says of her approaching Lawrence for the hook-up. "But she’s going to have fixate on someone else as Bradley’s just not that into her."

Hey, that sounds like a great book, movie or song title! Something to keep in mind, T. Swizzle.


Ouuuch. Well, age is too much. Besides Bradley looks sort of ugly for her. Taylor can do so much better. Anyways, she is the one who gets her heart broken, and she doesn't cheat. With Lautner, it was her fault. She was careless when she was with him cause of their career, that's why she wrote "Back To December". While the rest, she was cheated, ignored, and for Kennedy, he had to go to finish school and too young for her.


At least he has brain to know Taylor is too young for him. Most men are fooling themselves thinking younger girls follows them for the love . He knows following his age mate matters when looking for a serious relationship. Bravo


Taylor's like a fame digger instead of gold digger. She goes for guys that are popular at the time. She dated joe jonas when the jonas brothers were at there highest point in fame in 2008. She dated Taylor Lauther when twilight became huge. She dated John Mayer he was big in 2009. then she dated jake when his move came out. she dated Conner k because she loves his family. 1d is big so she wanted one of them and Harry caught her eye. Now bradly cooper is big with his movie with Jennifer Lawrence


go away little girl

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