Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Break Up!

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Looks like it was a wrong direction! Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have broken up after only two months together.

Several reports are claiming that Swift and Styles have split because of their busy schedules and constant touring.

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles

However we're also hearing that Haylor got into a very heated argument on their romantic vacation to the British Virgin Islands. After the fight and subsequent split, Swift caught a flight back to the states while Styles stuck around and party hopped over to Richard Branson's private Necker Island.

A twitpic of Swift fleeing BVI is after the jump:

It looks like Taylor couldn't wait to get the heck out of there.

Taylor Swift On Boat Leaving BVI

Taylor and Harry's reps have yet to comment, but one thing is for sure: Taylor's next single just wrote itself!

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Taylor Swift likes dark meat
After publicly humiliating Harry Styles at the Brit Awards she was flirting with his black friends Jordan Stephen and Frank Ocean. After whoring with so many white men it’s about time Taylor Swift started whoring with niggers as well. Think about all of the new songs she could write because of the new boyfriends.


I'm still at a loss to what makes this woman such a hot item. I mean, why get excited over someone who has a figure like a pencil?


i hope Taylor is okay...


and for those idiots saying she is surpose to date a older guy, where in the constitution must a woman date an older guy?. this idea of men refreshing thier blood with young women but women are not allowed to do the same comes from we HUMAN. God did not great us that way. Adam did not look like Hefner while Eve looked like Crystal. Men just uses thier power and idiology against women. leave Taylor to enjoy her life. men does evereything and it is OK but women not? who are we to descriminate and judge? she is doing a great job. Taylor date as young as any guy u want provided he is not under-age. women like Taylor makes women understand they can be happy with younger men. u must not date an older man bcos men want it that way. women are no slaves. they have the right to choose thier taste of men. i am 32 but i like them young. it´s my right. u go Taylor


oh my.. im so sad about it... well i wish that taylor swift is ok..


people get alife. ur all jus jealous that she gets more sexy rich young dicks and orgasms then u all ugly, old, unwanted women do. if ur husbands could they would all fuck her. so no wonder u all hate. why is it okay for a man to be a whore n not for a woman? so much for women rights, and its comin FROM WOMEN! u soo gross u lot


I think Taylor is a good artist...but I seriously think Harry could have done much better. I'm not in love with the guy and One Direction, I actually am not a big fan of the band, but I really think he can do better. She's way too buys to be in a relationship and I think she should take a break. Not to mention, he pretty much just set himself up for her new single.


They ain't date no kind of time.... Hm. Nothing unpredicted. Well, at least she gets hit songs out of these breakups and according to her many hits, she's a hoe!!

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