Paris Hilton: So Happy for Kim Kardashian!

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It looks like any ice between Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian has officially thawed.

In light of the breaking Kim Kardashian pregnant news, sources tell TMZ that Hilton was asked about the expecting state of her ex-best friend and replied of Kim and Kanye West:

"[I'm] so happy for her, they are perfect for each other."

Paris Hilton in Blue
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Hilton and Kardashian had very little to do with each other until mid-2012 when they met up at a mutual friend's party.

But Kim, of course, should always be in debt to the hotel heiress. If not for the Paris Hilton sex tape, there would be no Kim Kardashian sex tape.

And where would this family be in that tragic case?!?


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Paris Hilton: So Happy for Kim Kardashian!
I ain't get no doubt it's the best thing i saw
You are welcome)


2 DOUCEBAGS having a pigle that will be a monster and useless to society just like them.


You got to love the tabloids. They are constantly claiming the two hate one another, anything to create drama. I'll bet much of that is the usual garbage. Atleast Paris is congratulating Kim, that alone means she has more class than the haters ever will.


Useless tw@ts. Sad reflection of society.


Hilton and Kardashian have very little to do with each.
The One thing they both posses are sexy lips.
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awesome, a ho congrats a ho. no talent except beings a $lut. yet all the stupid american girls look up to these ho's. neither one of the women could do 3rd grade math. this is why other countries hate us.

@ americaneedsrolemodels

There's 1,000,000 reasons why others hate us, and not a single one has anything to do with any celebrity. Kim's no ditz, if that's what you are trying to say. She's made it this far with brains.


From one washed up tramp to another.........LMFAO!!

@ Snicker

good for you snicker. i agree. hilton needs to crawl back under a rock! even before she was a washed up has-been, she was the most homely creaure on the planet! all it takes is money.

@ meg

I agree,I always thought her sister Nikki had better looks then Paris, look at her nose it's just the worst atrocious!!!

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