Oscar Nominations: What Was the Biggest Snub?

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The 2013 Oscar nominations were announced this morning - and the complaints are already pouring in!

Christoph Waltz and not Leonardo DiCaprio for Best Supporting Actor?!?

No Ben Affleck for Best Director? Nary a Kathryn Bigelow or Tom Hooper in the same category, despite their films being up for Best Picture?

Nothing for The Dark Knight Rises? At all?!?

The Dark Knight Rises Promotional Photo

What about The Hunger Games? The Avengers? Films folks actually lined up to see?

Weigh in now and let your voice be heard: Who got snubbed the hardest?


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Russell Crowe for Les Miserables. He was outstanding!


Anthony Hopkins in Hitchcock.


The music in Batman is amazing. Hans Zimmer is the best in the business.


Anne Hathaway should be for Batman not Les Mis. and the girl that played Epanine for best supporting actress in Les Mis. she was incredible...