Newtown Conspiracy Theory: Professor Won't Back Down Amid Backlash

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A media professor at Florida Atlantic University won't apologize for questioning the Sandy Hook school massacre, but denies he is fostering a conspiracy theory.

James Tracy wrote on his personal blog that believes the events that unfolded in the Newtown, Conn., elementary school did not happen as we think - if at all.

“While it sounds outrageous, one is left to inquire whether the Sandy Hook shooting ever took place," he writes, suggesting Newtown didn't happen as reported.

He suggests there were multiple shooters and that the number of dead is incorrect, and that the government may have brought in actors to add drama.

Tracy opines that “media coverage of the massacre of 26 children and adults was intended primarily for public consumption to further larger political ends.”

The academic, also known for questioning authority and media regarding 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombing and the Aurora massacre, is not backing off either.

When questioned about his theories by a local news reporter, Tracy responded:

"The whole country mourned about Sandy Hook, but yet again the investigation that journalistic institutions should have carried out never took place, in my opinion."

The 47-year-old added that, "As a society we need to look at things more carefully. Perhaps we as a society have been conditioned to be duped."

Speaking on behalf of Tracy, Peter Phillips, president of the Media Freedom Foundation and Project Censored, said in a statement to Yahoo News:

"James Tracy isn't promoting a 'conspiracy' theory regarding Sandy Hook, but rather saying the media distorts the news, and doesn't follow up on important questions."

"There were reports of more than one shooter in the Sandy Hook case."

"Tracy is not denying that it happened, but he is saying that when such events do happen it is the responsibility of the media to fully investigate all aspects of the story."

The media sensationalizing tragedies is certainly a worthwhile topic, but if that's all he meant to imply ... why not just write what that statement laid out?

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