Minister SHAFTS Waitress With A$$hole Note on Receipt

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There are outrageous receipts, and then there's this one.

There are reasons not to leave a tip, and then ... this.

A Reddit user recently shared how a local pastor dealt with an suggested tip of 18%, crossing it off to tip NOTHING instead ... because God's already getting 10 ...


"My mistake sir, I'm sure Jesus will pay for my rent and groceries," the Redditor lamented.

Don't ask us how Jesus feels about being blatantly rude, regardless of one's beliefs in tipping etiquette, toward other human beings who did nothing wrong.

Also, don't pastors want to increase people's faith in humanity and in love and compassion?

Pretty sure this ruined whatever the poor girl had left.


A tip is something given voluntarily for good service without demand or obligation, although it's traditional custom. I would be offended to if someone told me what to pay for service. I feel sorry for the waiter, but the employer should also pay a reasonable wage based on the average tip for service.


the reason he was offended by the suggested tip is because he obviously thought it was quite high, but the main problem here is that these hard-working waiters/waitresses NEED these tips in order to make a reasonable living. their bosses hire them to be on their feet and serving people and then they aren't paying them liveable wages. that's the real injustice. i think everyone's anger here is directed in the wrong place: the pastor should not take the necessity for tips out on the waitress and could have given something, even if he was unable to pay the 18%, for whatever reason. he could have given 10%. he could have given 5%. anything. money that individuals pay in the offering basket in church doesn't go to God. it goes to him, the pastor/minister. he gives himself money to run the church. he gives himself money. and the waitress should not complain about it on reddit, which does nothing AT ALL to solve her underlying problem.