Michael Houston Admits: I Got Whitney Hooked on Cocaine

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In an interview with The Today Show yesterday, Cissy Houston said she does not blame anyone for her daughter's death.

But Michael Houston taped an interview with Oprah Winfrey this week and admits that he got Whitney started on crack cocaine many, many years ago.

"You gotta understand at the time, Michael says. "[It was] the 80s... it was acceptable."

Houston does not absolve himself of playing a role in his sister's demise, though. It's clear the guilt is strong, as he explains:

"It's painful... I feel responsible for what I let go so far."

Whitney, of course, passed away in Beverly Hills last February after a drug overdose that included cocaine, Xanax and marijuana.

This episode of Oprah's Next Chapter runs Sunday night on OWN at 9/8c. Check your local listings.


The entire Houston family needs to be in treatment/recovery.


When was crack ever acceptable are you stupid or just brain dead unbelievable

@ mrs j

To the rap and hip hop culture that was way of life?

@ Steve

Shut up with your rap and hip hop. It was popular in every neighborhood in the 80's