Lohan a No-Show in Court; Lindsay Dodges Legal Bullet

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Lindsay Lohan pulled a no-show for her latest court date today (shocking, we know), but fortunately for the actress, prosecutors elected to delay the proceedings.

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The troubled 26-year-old was scheduled to make her first court appearance for the nightclub fight she got into with Tiffany Mitchell back in November.

Lindsay allegedly punched the woman in the face - supposedly over Max George - got arrested and was charged with third degree misdemeanor assault.

So what went down in her first hearing? Apparently not a whole lot.

This morning prosecutors announced, "The investigation into this case is continuing." Good thing, since Lindsay never made it to the courthouse.

The broke Lindsay Lohan has been partying in the UK. Natch.

Attorney Mark Heller, representing the red-headed wonder, was there and claims she's "a victim of someone trying to capture their 15 minutes of fame."


So now its gone from someone out to get their 10 minutes of fame, to 15 minutes of fame. This woman has been persecuted since she basically turned 18 yrs old. Whatever her issues are they are but trying her this way doesnt serve the Justice System, with all the inuendo and slander she receives how does she get a fair hearing, she's labelled before the case is even heard before the court magistrate. If she did indeed hit this person( me not there at the time) then that person has a right to seek legal action, but this is a 3 ring-circus atmosphere and not condusive to a free fair trial, which Im sure both plaintiff and defendant truly want.


How many breaks is this 26 year old doper/alcoholic bi sexual has been hag gonna get.????




Why can't this damn family go away already. Christ Almighty make them all get sucked into a giant black hole never to be seen or heard from again. All of the lohan's not a single one to spare either.


Apparently Mama Lohen also in London once again in thE news bashing Papa Lohan. And the drama continues. The family that Never shuts up!


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