Kris Jenner: Kanye West Baby Announcement Cost Family Millions!

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Might the Kim Kardashian pregnancy be tearing this reality star's family apart?

As detailed by In Touch Weekly, Khloe Kardashian is heartbroken over the news that her sister is expecting, while The New York Daily News now reports Kris Jenner is livid at Kanye West for ruining a potential windfall.

Kris. vs. Kanye Kover

West, of course, announced Kim's pregnancy during a late December concert, denying Jenner the chance to negotiate for an exclusive with Us Weekly.

And just how much could that exclusive have brought in? Consider:

That same magazine just paid Kourtney Kardashian $200,000 for a mere bikini photo spread.

And "sometimes the baby announcement sells more than the baby pics,” an insider says, leading us to believe the Kardashian could have raked in close to $1 million.

Kris runs that family like a machine," added this source. "She wanted the control over when and where they make their money. The [Us Weekly] contract states that they have Kourtney exclusively for two weeks, but they’re more interested in Kim.”

Who isn't?!? It's clear at this point that the Kim Kardashian baby photos will eventually be sold for WELL into the seven figures.

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for ? suge opp s? mye som tjueto% mye mer overraskelse, nike free tilbud reduserer spenninger samt stress plassert p? dine egne viktige leddene.


Dora...really? That sex tape was released to LAUNCH Kim's so-called career! THAT was her money maker..the beginning..and SHE is not sorry it happened so why are you? LEAVE THIS FAMILY ALONE?!?!? Are you serious? What would happen to their livelihood?! They are ALL about being in the publicity, even negative publicity, is bad publicity for these people. That's what pays them the MILLIONS of dollars they have. Dora, with all due need to wake up and see the real world. Start exploring, Dora.


I think people should leave this farmily alone and especaily kim; the fact that she made a mistake by doing that sex tape with her boyfriend doesn;t ,means she is the most worst person on earth; we all on earth had done somethink bad; the fact that we havent been caurt on camaras does means we are clean.


kim is such a ho. who cares about her baby. she is the essence of trash. what a tramp to falunt a pregnancy by one man while being married to another.


Oh please they will be divorced in 1-2 years. They are not marriage or parent material. Self centered people are what they are!!!


kim and kanye,theyr such a yummee couple.kris must just focus on her marriage and leave them the hell go kanye!a real mach for kris!


I think that most of us are over the Kardashian. Please stop giving these talentlessss! famehorssss! media attention. It is really distrurbing to see the direction this country is going. When you become famous for making sex tapes. SICK!!!!!!!!


Look...I'm no fan of Kanye West. Yet, here's an more ways than one, Kanye needs to tell that pimping HO-BAG Kris Jenner to SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!! Case closed.


Come on now. Would you really expect any more common sense from a guy who's impulsive actions began years ago with ripping the mic away from a young Taylor Swift during her award acceptance speech? But then, it is his right since he IS the "baby daddy!"


Kris have you looked in the mirror lately? you and your meal tickets are losing people are sick of no talent's
on TV. You should be in a old folks home helping people your age.