Karrueche Tran: Nude in Rolling Out!

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Karrueche Tran.

The model/fashion designer is making a name for herself - and not just for being the third side of a love triangle with Rihanna and Chris Brown.

She's posing nude in Rolling Out magazine!

Karrueche Tran Nude

What Rolling Out magazine is or typically talks about, we have no idea. But they got Karrueche to roll out of her clothes, apparently, so respect there.

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Karrueche Tran Topless Photo
Hot Karrueche Tran Photo
Karrueche Tran in Rolling Out
Karrueche Tran Legs

For better or worse, Karrueche has been a major presence in Chris' life. He dumped her for Rihanna last year, but may still be involved with her somehow.

Tran recently commented that she and Breezy were friends before they were romantic partners, and will remain best friends and business partners.

If there's a high road in all of this, she's at least trying to take it.

Well done, Karrueche. Even if the fact that they've been wrapped around Chris Brown's face may be a turnoff for some, the girl has some great legs.


I don't see anything sexy about those pics. She looks like a little girl playing grown-up.


Hi - Before Rihanna stepped out in her see-through black dress the other night, Karrueche wore an unflattering black dress to her Rolling Out party (another Rolling Out party on a prior night.) Afterwards...maybe Rihanna wore her black see-through dress to reveal that she sees through Karrueche and her desperate actions for attention from being associated with Chris Brown and his connections... ### Truth or fiction...? It was reported on MTO - Saturday January 26, 2013, that Rihanna went to the same club where she knew Karrueche was having an event. And MTO further reported that Rihanna, in her black see-through dress, stepped to who she sees through - - Karrueche...


So what So what and Who cares.. This girl is pretty as sh!t and she is doing her thang and doing it in a mature and positive way.. Hate all you want she's laughing to the bank.. YOU GO GIRL


no no no, you won't see any nipple, vagina or anus.
what did you think?


Okay so I went to school with Karrueche COLLEGE! And the fact that someone is saying she slept around is too funny! She had a boyfriend here and there but sleeping around is a negative! WHO CARES if she had a boyfriend befor chris! That's irrelevant! And when Chris and karrueche began to be public they BOTH had been single for WAAAY more than a day! People tell lies to throw shade! They make up stuff to make people look bad when they can't find anything bad to talk about! That story about her breaking up with her boyfriend the day before she was done with Chris is A LIE!


Hi - Yes, we know that everything posted on the Internet isn't truth. We also know that a bunch that's posted on the net is true - even from anonymous sources. Back in the day someone named only as "Deep throat" reported some major reliable information that was gainfully used in political and legal circles. Folks have an assortment of reasons for choosing to be anonymous. That doesn't necessarily cancel that they are exposing truth... I believe that what was mentioned about Karrueche on the subject site is truth. Karrueche knows...that it is, as well. People for months have been labeling Karrueche as a victim... She was interviewed by Shekinah and Karrueche mentioned that Chris knew that he was wrong. Ok, let's keep it real and balanced. If, in fact, Karrueche did ditch her ex boyfriend and was seen with Chris Brown the next day, then she was wrong, as well. So much going forth out here online..is portraying Karrueche as the victim. The media folks have dug into Chris and Rihanna's past and business. In fairness, before they keep labeling Karrueche as a victim, they may be inclined to do some digging to find out who she REALLY is... That represents fair and reasonable reporting to me... None of us are is perfect but there's NOT been enough examination of the character of Karrueche to make a valid judgment that she's a victim.... If anyone is inclined to do fair research, it could very well be discovered by OTHERS that those anonymous sources on the site posting about Karrueche have indeed shared truth... Karrueche already knows that they ain't lying...