Jennifer Lopez People Cover: Hot or Haggard?

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In the latest issue of People, Jennifer Lopez opens up about Casper Smart and her love life, saying she has no regrets.

But sources now claim the star's team does have regrets... about letting the magazine run such an unattractive photo!

“Her camp feels she looks old and haggard,” a source tells Page Six of the following J. Lo cover.

Jennifer Lopez People Cover

However, Lopez's manager, Benny Medina, denied this claim; he says everyone associated with the celebrity is happy with the final result:

“Look at the pictures and read the story! We worked closely with the editors of People and we are very pleased with cover photo and the results all around.”

What do you think of the cover, THGers?


@ Jack, why are you living the life of others? dont u have your own problems? they love themselves, weather Jlo is older or not, that does not matter. Jlo is just about 20 years older than Casper and everyone is banging on them bcos the older person is a woman. Maybe u should first judge Hefner, he is about 60 years older than Crystal. I hate double-standard. Finally, a man must not be richer than a woman. A man is a man weather young or poor. So try and respect thier feelings. I like them both together... they look happy. that is what matters


having a relationship with a much younger man is taking its toll but I'm sure it is worth it. Live life


You are right Jack. It's true.


J Lo that you or my grandma? Did your stylist quit? See you're doing to yourself. It's time for to sit down and evaluate your life, patch up them things that needs patching up and move forward. I know that you are far better than this...


You look fabulous! That's all.


Yes Casper! Mama bear and twin bear are out of town you're hanging out with dog bear great! Now why you can be in Miami with her for promoting her movie? Tell me why? I think it would an honor for to have you by her side like boyfriend. Do you think you can manage that woman. Sorry fake boyfriend. Open your eyes and grow up. Even if she's older than you or wealthy you were already men. Do you know what's going on over there. Are jealous or not. When you're in love you should be not like a fool. You better have money in your pocket to be a man. This is crazy few days out without you. Hmmmmmmm!

Avatar now we see what all those guys been finding sleeping next too em the morning after. :O lol The wonders of fifty pounds of makeup and modern day corsets! YAY! Naturally she has no regrets. She slept her way to the top from the beginning. She knew what she was doing. Now she is slipping past her prime. She is grabbing some last ditch headlines before the big ending n it all fades so far that fifty TONS of makeup won't fix it. Well somebody has to do their fair share to support the economy and the cosmetic industry...why not Jay-low? The "playas" shud be so proud of one of their own winning at the "game" n learning the truth about what's left after and what they've actually won.


Jennifer Lopez is LOUSY on picking men.... Besides Ben Affleck, she only dated ugly guys... Casper Smart looks like a gay gigolo and has giant teeth..... Is she blind?


What is the witch doing on the cover of any magazine, except of course Mad Magazine?

@ joehamherst



Whoever did her hair for that photo should be fired. It's the worst hairdo I have ever seen on her.


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