Jenelle Evans Divorce Imminent? Assault Charges Filed Against Courtland Rogers

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Jenelle Evans' divorce from Courtland Rogers looks like a matter of when, not if.

She says she's not taking any more "abuse" from her husband of six weeks and has filed five assault charges against him, according to a new report.

The pregnant Teen Mom 2 star went to court this morning and filed four charges of assault on a female - and one charge of battery of an unborn child.

Courtland Rogers, Jenelle Evans

The couple have been arguing since he went out and got drunk with pals Sunday night, leaving Jenelle Evans at home - and accusing him of cheating.

Tweeting non-stop, @PBandJenelley_1 ripped her man a new one, said she was “heartbroken” over his actions, and called "time out" on their marriage.

She was hospitalized with a miscarriage scare two nights later.

Jenelle has not elaborated on her medical condition, and if she had lost the baby, we probably would have heard about it ... but she far from pleased.

Just a week after she confirmed her second pregnancy, the mother of three-year-old Jace has clearly lost all faith in her husband, and is mad as hell.

Coming out fighting earlier today, she declared that she is getting a divorce ASAP, and has now filed charges of assault against her spouse of 51 days.

Rogers admits that he "f--ked up" by getting drunk Sunday and for peacing out on his pregnant wife, but is adamant that he never cheated or abused her.

“I did not hit my wife,” Courtland tells Radar. “This is not true at all.”

A source tells the gossip site that Jenelle has bruises on her face - from the alleged assault - and that she has every intention of taking this seriously.

Evans has been known to reconcile with guys almost as quickly as she flies off the handle, which is saying a lot ... but we wouldn't hold our breath here.


This is the problem when you have children playing at being adults. This girl needs serious therapy, she's an absolute mess. I don't blame her mother at all for the touch love she's giving her. Someone has to put her child first.


It's sad to say this, but her unborn baby might have dodged a bullet by not being born. The woman reportedly cannot take care of the one child she already does have. What makes her think she's going to do any better with a new infant? Nah, forget it!v somebody ouight to get her tubes tied. ToO BAD THAt's unlikely , as she's so young. She's young and stupid. Not all people that ge are so stupid, I don't think. But she sure is. I feel sorry for her beautiful little boy.

Kellie m

This dumb ass is now back with Gary Head. I'm surprised she didn't go running back to Kieffer first. She honestly thinks she can get custody of her son back while she's bed flopping.


Oh my gosh! I thought this marriage would last forever...just forever.

@ critic

Oh, me too. I'm completely shocked! I thought this one would last at least 72 days like Kim K's!

@ chele

To be fair, they aren't divorced yet...and Jenelle has a habit of going back to the same men..I mean guys...she hasn't been with a man yet. Look where she is now...back with Gary. Kieffer is next lol. So there is still hope for beating Kim K LOL. Ya know...I don't get why they say 72 day marriage...they are still married. *shrugs*


I think she is to sweat to plase this sucker.
btw: he was alway's crazy about exaggerating F*GGOTS!!

Kellie m
@ abe

Too sweat? Anyways, Jenelle is garbage. She is anything but sweet. She treats her mother like shit and she treats her son as if he is disposable. I can only hope that she gets divorced and the pregnancy is either not real or she miscarries because she has no business having another child when she can't and won't take care of the child she already has. She can't even stay clean and can't take care of herself much less another kid.

@ Kellie M

Agreed, Jenelle is anything but sweet and innocent. She pressed charges against Kieffer and Gary for assault too. I doubt Courtland assaulted. It does seem like he cheated on her, but that's not reason enough to press charges. The bottom line is that Jenelle and Court are way too immature and are not fit to be parents. Period. The one that suffers the most in all of this is the unborn baby. Just another child Babs will be raising a year from now!

Kellie m
@ Sammie

My's not 5 charges for is four charges of assault on a female and one charge of battery of an unborn child.

Kellie m
@ Sammie

I guess you haven't heard the latest...she has now filed not one but FIVE charges against Courtland for assault. It's even in US weekly magazine. The media whore is at it again. How is it that 3 boyfriends IN A ROW have hit her?? I don't buy it!!!! IF it is true then she has the worst luck with men I have ever seen in my life...and I'm a lot older than most of the Teen Mom viewers. Yeah, I know...I'm pathetic LMFAO. It's really sad that both of them have kids and neither one can take care of them. I feel so sorry for all of their kids and I truly hope she is not pregnant. If she is then Barbara will end up raising another grandbaby. Poor old woman. I feel bad for her too..for having to deal with a daughter like Jenelle. Such a disrespectful piece of crap. I hope Jace gives her the same amount of respect that she gives him and Barbara. She deserves no less.

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