Jenelle Evans Hospitalized; Miscarriage Feared

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Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was hospitalized yesterday and friends and family fear that she may have had a miscarriage, though this hasn't been confirmed.

She was rushed to the hospital on Tuesday afternoon.

Jenelle Argues

The 21-year-old is seven weeks pregnant with Courtland Rogers‘ child; the couple got married less than two months ago, and is believed to be estranged.

Courtland is not at the hospital with Jenelle Evans.

At seven weeks, and with a history of cysts, Jenelle is in a position where a miscarriage would not be a huge surprise, which is why people are worried.

Again, it's totally unclear if she suffered one.

The emotionally-charged, Twitter-obsessed newlyweds have been fighting since he went out and got drunk Sunday and Jenelle accused Courtland of cheating.

A day later, she "called a time out" on their marriage.

No word on their status or her condition. “Jenelle is hospital bound. I’ll update you guys as soon as I hear something,” her official Facebook Fan Page posted.

Jenelle has not Tweeted in the last 10 hours, which is unusual for her, but she has re-Tweeted a pair of comments from her friend, and they are telling.

Take a look ...

Tweets about Jenelle

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A miscarriage would have been the absolute best thing that could have happened in this case. She is not a fit parent, or even a fit human, for that matter. She is a pathetic, stupid cum dumpster.


A fetus and drugs don't always mix.


She did not suffer a miscarriage, unfortunately(you can tell from her tweets this mornings). She and Courtland are NOT fit to be parents. A miscarriage or adoption would be the best bet for this little baby, and neither seems likely since both parents are way too immature and selfish to put this baby first. Poor Babs will have another baby to take care of in 7 months...


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