Giovanna Plowman Tampon Video: Could This Be Real?!?

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WARNING: This is the grossest thing we have ever seen.


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    Yoh u mos mean 2 make me naar now no1 will wanna ever kiss ur ass


    That nasty ass rachet bitch needs some mental help. This act of hers is not only repulsive but potentially hazardous to her health. If 5 min of fame is what she wanted, then it's what she's gonna get, just not the fame she had maybe hope or wanted.


    ok what I wanna know is why did she? do something normal like the cinnamon challenge? she need to get sum damn help that's for sure!! I mean I bite my gfs neck an I dig the blood but that omg that's fkn SICK SICK GROSS!!! ahh what's with this generation.. someone 86 her


    I only have 4 words for this..


    whether it's real or not,,,this is the first great artwork of the 21st century...well done.


    The world we live in today is very sad. This doesn't surprise me at all. These teens really don't know what to do to get attention, its sad how this young girl has to do such a nasty at just to get "fame". Really? How pathetic can you be? This just shows how low her self-esteem is! I wonder if her mother even knows about this =/


    It's real, red dye cannot make clumps.....Just.......I might as well along with about a thousand others. I got 99 tampons cause a bitch ate 1.


    Seriously REAL OR FAKE it STILL DISGUSTING. Nuff said


    Omg, that took everything in me not to throw up. Gagged pretty hard, but proud to say I didnt throw up. That was the most disgusting thing, like ferreal youve gotta be fukin stupid to do this for internet fame. ewwwwww


    oh god seriously this will probably scar anyone who sees it the worst way to try to get attention ever!!!!!!!!!!!

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