Frank Ocean: Chris Brown Threw the First Punch!

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Chris Brown swears he didn't start Sunday's fight with Frank Ocean.

Ocean says he was cold-cocked by Brown and was the clear victim.

So who's telling the truth? Let's break down both sides now ...

Chris Brown Out
Frank Ocean Live

According to an eyewitness account, Chris threw the first punch after he felt Ocean disrespected the singer in front of his boys at Westlake Recording Studios.

Chris Brown reportedly lost his cool in the parking lot when Frank refused to shake his hand, laughing at the gesture. At that point, Brown slugged Ocean.

The fight quickly moved to the lobby of the studio, where "they managed to break almost everything in the room and scare all of the staff members working."

The receptionist called 911 and Chris peaced out. Frank stuck around to talk to the police, saying he felt "blindsided" by Chris and claiming he was the victim.

Not the case, says Chris' camp.

Brown's attorney, Mark Geragos, has already contacted detectives and said the singer is ready, willing and able to give them the real story of what happened.

Geragos' team says it has surveillance video of the last part of the fight, and in it, Chris is as clean as a whistle, not throwing a single punch at anyone.

The video also reportedly clears Frank Ocean of any assault - the fighting is between the two posses, much like Brown's nightclub brawl with Drake.

The tape does not show who started it, because it only picks up once the melee moved into the lobby; in any case, Chris claims he didn't hit anybody.

As for why Chris left it before cops arrived, Geragos gave him strict instructions: If he ever got in a situation where trouble started brewing, LEAVE NOW.

The two stars' camps allegedly started arguing over parking spots at the studio - actually a serious hierarchy, as the bigger artists get the better spots.

There's also been bad blood with Chris Brown and Frank Ocean before, however, so that likely helped throw gasoline on the proverbial fire in this case.


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