Colette Harrington Accuses Justin Bieber of Rude Gym Behavior, Possible Water Bottle Spitting

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Everyone is hating on Justin Bieber these days.

Just hours after a report leaked that claims Bieber slept with Mimi Jenson while still dating Selena Gomez, a North Carolina radio host named Colette Harrington has come out and accused Bieber of acting like a total jerk inside a gym yesterday.

Here is what she alleges went down:

Justin Bieber Can't Hear You!

Working out at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel alongside Bieber and a couple members of his entourage, Harrington says Bieber rebuffed her request for a photo.

He then went on to mock her workout routine, as Harrington explains to TMZ:

"I always count out out loud my reps. Then Justin starts imitating me and whenever I'd get to 20 he and his buddy would say 'Shut the F'ck up.'"

After doing her best to ignore the insults, Colette says someone - who may have been Bieber or an individual in his group - actually spit Gatorade into her water bottle when her back was turned.

Harrington filed a complaint with the hotel and added that she plans to sell the water bottle on eBay and will donate the profits to a local Ronald McDonald house where she volunteers.

Bieber's rep, meanwhile, denies all allegations.

He simply says his client was working out at the gym with a trainer and the duo were trading jokes with one another, not directing any barbs at anyone else.

Do you believe him?


Justin Bieber SUCKS! I mean give me a break, shit has gone to his head. He will never be a down to earth kinda guy, just a dickhead


Justin Bieber is a jerk who has nothing better to do but smoke weed all day and play around with his skanky girlfriend

@ Dani

He might not look like a good guy in your opinion but he may still be a good guy.he just cracked some jokes that's all really and um Selena is NOT shanky okay

@ Dani

Really? .. You're cool..
Justin Bieber is NOT a jerk, sweet pea. Hate to break it to you, but he's a nice guy. A very nice guy. And don't you EVER call Selena Gomez skanky again! They're my idols, and I suggest you stfu! I love you, Justin & Selena! <3




People who count their reps out loud are really annoying anyways. If Justin and his posse were cracking jokes about it, who really cares? You know how annoying it is, when I am counting my reps in my head, and some jackass is counting beside me, OUT LOUD, and then I lose count?
And 20 reps? What is she using, 2lb dumbells? Sometimes I really cannot help myself to laugh at people, especially those who waste their time with useless exercises. Also, you don't ask to take someones picture while they're working out - especially if they are serious about what they do. Inturrupting someone during their workout is a HUGE no-no, I've told countless people to screw off over that. Does that make me a jerk? Only to the people I don't care about. Most of the regulars get it. This chick is just a whiner, next time mind your own business and count your reps in your head. You should be too busy grunting to count aloud anyways, unless you work out like a bitch.

@ Kevin Bowright

Why should it matter that she was counting out poud? They shouldn't have "supposedly" said anything about her. They should have been working out, but instead they were being stupid teenage boys.In fact, your entire comment was sexist and led me to believe you have a bit of a bieber complex that you try to hide for the sake of your "manliness" and that you yourself might be a douchey young man. Anyway, it's not hard to believe this story. He's done several other rude things in the past. eg. The Philippines.


Who knows what happened, but she, as an adult and "radio personality," needs to articulate higher than a 6th grade level.


Who know what happened, but she, as an adult and "radio personality," needs to articulate higher than a 6th grade level.

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