Chris Brown Jesus Photo; Star Feeling Crucified in Wake of Frank Ocean Melee?

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Chris Brown is apparently feeling crucified since his fight with Frank Ocean.

Yesterday, the 23-year-old R&B star, who also paints in his spare time, posted a new photo on Instagram of Jesus on the cross, with a not-so cryptic caption:

"Painting the way I feel today," he wrote.

Chris Brown Jesus Painting

Although he seems to have an extremely hard time taking his own advice, the controversial and often embattled singer also added, "Focus on what matters!"

Accounts of the Chris Brown-Frank Ocean fight vary.

The alleged altercation involving the stars and their posses occurred at a W. Hollywood recording studio parking lot Sunday night, then moved into the lobby.

Officials said "Chris Brown and the victim were involved in an altercation over a parking space. The ruckus allegedly led to Chris Brown punching the victim."

Ocean, who claims Brown threw the first punch, is only listed as the victim because he stayed and spoke to police, while Brown and his people left.

Chris has not been charged with a crime, however, and isn't likely to be; his lawyer says he can and will speak to police because he did nothing wrong.

Moreover, Brown's attorney, Mark Geragos, says that studio surveillance footage of the incident also proves that his client did not punch anybody.

What actually happened remains to be seen, although there is a history of animosity between the two that likely contributed to emotions growing heated.


Many people have already condemned Chris Brown and labelled him "bully". They've asked that his freedom(s) be taken away and called him everything from a douche(bag) to having a missing chromosome. Snap, harsh judgement. Yet, folks forget, there are security cameras. Now for the truth.


"Apathy is the glove in which evil slips its hand" a quote from Prof McDoogle in the movie Van Wilder. If Chris Brown would stop thinking about himself and look at the decisions that he has made to be judged so harshly by the public then maybe he wouldn't be so apathetic? Nobody forced him to mercilessly beat the crap out of a woman.


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