Britney Spears in Talks For Las Vegas Residency, Could Earn $100 Million PER YEAR

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Britney Spears is certainly making a fresh start in 2013. After splitting with Jason Trawick and quitting The X Factor, she's in talks for a Las Vegas gig worth nine figures.


Spears Smiles?

According to multiple reports, Spears' management team has nearly locked down a VERY lucrative deal that will make the 31-year-old a resident of Sin City.

She's been negotiating with the Caesar group properties to appear in a Celine Dion-type show, performing throughout the year for a mammoth sum.

From Spears' standpoint, sources say, "The deal is a go. There are several stipulations that could throw a monkey wrench in the deal, but it's basically done."

Exactly what Britney will be doing for that money is one such issue.  

There is still debate over whether she will just be on stage at a big-time theater multiple nights a week, or whether she'll also appear at hotels and clubs.

Celine Dion famously earned $100 million a year for such a gig - and insiders are saying Britney is going to be banking even more if this goes through.

And she was already the highest-earning female celebrity, people.

Christine anderson

It's Britney, Bitch! She's bigger than Celine n will ROCK the strip! Everyone has issues...she goes thru them on the front page. She's obliviously STRONGER than anyone gives credit for. Her current bid for independence shows that! As far as her X Factor performance, can't blame her for being bored...the show sucks. She's too big for a lame talent show. The stage is where she belongs!!! See ya in Vegas!


but talking isn't earning....................THIS IS A SETUP!!


Sorry Britney, but it wont last, mainly because you are not a very hot item anymore. I personally do not think that you will pull in the crowd consistently, that Celine Dion did. You may do so at first, but after, people will get bored with you and your songs.


I do not think a Vegas show is good for her career. I think she needs to do an actual tour...just seems lazy...


Hopefully she will be more animated and entertaining in Vegas. It worked for Elvis, but she's no Elvis or Celine. This not a trash just wondering if patrons will get what they pay for. Brit very different theses days.


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