Britney Spears-Jason Trawick Split: Kids to Blame?

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The long-awaited Britney Spears and Jason Trawick breakup reportedly happened because of kids ... though not for the specific reason you might think.

Spears-Trawick Split

Britney, who is already mother to Sean Preston, 7, and Jayden James, 6, really wanted to have more children and Jason did not, according to reports.

Jason Trawick, 41, is "just in another place" and does not want to start a family, although he loves Sean Preston, Jayden James and Britney Spears, 31.

The former couple argued frequently about expanding their family since getting engaged in December 2011 and this ultimately proved their undoing.

Sources also say dealing with Britney Spears - the money-making empire, not the woman - also wore at Jason and "took away his individuality."

The agent maintain his identity and one of the things he tried was to expand his business by taking on more clients ... which didn't sit well with Britney.

Both Spears and Trawick say they will remain close going forward and this decision, while difficult, was mutual and agreed upon by mature adults.

At least on paper, that appears true. The house Britney just bought for them for $8.5 million was purchased solely with her money and she'll keep it.

She always paid for the bulk of their lifestyle, but Jason also does well for himself and should continue to, so there's no arguing over money whatsoever.

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