Brandi Glanville to LeAnn Rimes: How Was Tweehab?

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Here we go again. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville took another shot at LeAnn Rimes on Twitter, mocking her stint in rehab.

Did LeAnn Rimes‘ month in treatment for stress, anxiety and her so-called “Twitter addiction” work? Her frequent nemesis Brandi doesn’t think so.

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The fact that LeAnn can’t resist staying off the site after blaming it for her issues isn't lost on Glanville, who posted a Tweet likely directed at Rimes.

Eddie Cibrian's ex posted to her feed, “I love you.. No! U! Yes I really do!!!! Im in love with my twitter and i will NEVER leave u for ‘tweehab’ gdnt biddy!”

Brandi, in her appearance on Monday night’s edition of Watch What Happens Live, called LeAnn Rimes insane, as well as Eddie Cibrian‘s “Sugar Mama.”

She also said LeAnn obsessively watches her on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, and knocked the singer’s string of ongoing personal interviews.

For her part, LeAnn discussed the feud on Jimmy Kimmel Live, saying she tries to stay out of it, but at a certain point is totally like "screw you" Brandi!

Awaiting the next verbal attack in 5 … 4 … 3 …


Dang that leann is ugly! Inside & out. You go, Brandi!


Lee Ann Rimes is a LOSER!!! Lee is the one whos going on the tonight show, e.t., Jimmy Kimmel to what cry about what brandi writes on her twitter??? If Lee Ann was truly mature she WOULD NOT TALK ABOUT BRANDI ON TV AT ALL and show shes the bigger person!!! Shes the one who bitches about Brandi when she should be making music videos. The fact of the matter is its Lee Ann who using Brandi for attention, when was the last time anyone heard of Lee Ann Rimes coyote ugly??? LMFAO SCREW OFF LEE ANNN RIMES!!! Stop talking &*%$ about Brandi and go make a music video


To me the reason why this matter continues to be such an issue is because its the only thing that one of them is even known for pretty much when the other one was already known for their musical ability. This may never go away until they both have something to fall back on. God bless you and LeAnn always!!! Holly in East Tennessee (a day one fan of her)


mark these words: LEANNE IS AS CRAZY AS A DRUNK MULE!! kidding.

@ abe

You're crazy. I use to feel sorry for Brandi, but im starting to see why Eddie left her. Brandi is a mean bitter woman.

@ lynn

Are you kidding?!?!?! Eddie left her because he is a cheating, opportunistic piece of shit. And if some slanty-eyed, ugly bitch stole your husband and broke up your family, you'd be bitter as well. No worries. My girl Brandi WILL come out on top, as she deserves to. She'll get over it in time. Probably right about he time Eddie starts cheating on Leann, as Leann deserves.

@ F*** Leann

Eddie didn't leave anyone. Brandi threw him out. He had no where to go. Rimes and her wallet were waiting.

@ lynn

2 years is not all that long to mourn the death of a marriage. Many people become angry especially with an affair involved. Leann keeps "egging" Brandi and not letter her heal. It is sad to see.

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