Analeigh Tipton to Star in Fifty Shades of Grey?

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In the never-ending online Fifty Shades of Grey movie casting game, Matt Bomer, Ian Somerhalder, and Channing Tatum tend to dominate the guys.

Likewise, big names like Emma Watson, Nina Dobrev, Krysten Ritter and Lucy Hale are often whispered about as likely potentials for the female lead.

Analeigh Tipton Photo

A new name has emerged recently, however, and she's generating a lot of buzz in spite (or because) of the fact that she's less famous: Analeigh Tipton.

The America’s Next Top Model alum and Crazy Stupid Love star can be seen in the upcoming Warm Bodies, and said she'd be open to the sexy role.

“I have heard that, which I think is pretty neat," she said.

"Do I have an interest? Yes. Well, I mean it’s a role that seems pretty brave, and I think that’s curious, that kind of piques my interest. See how bold I can get. I’m open to it.”

She is stunning, that's for sure, whereas Ana is meant to be more typical. Pretty, but not model-gorgeous. But is that really a hindrance for Analeigh?

Whereas big names like Watson or Dobrev would evoke comparisons to their other characters, someone like Tipton could really become Anastasia Steele.

Plus, she's already named Ana ... sort of!

What do you think of her in the role?


who gives a crap. someone always gets famous when they talk about sex. does that idiot author really think she is the only one. and of course all the tv stations want to put her on their shows. how low can one get. absolute filth. but not of course if it is private and in your own home. i would not read that if you paid me. i could write a better book


Emilia Clarke MUST play Ana!!

@ Cora

Yes! She has always been my choice and she fits the bill perfectly.


No way - the girl from Gilmore Girls should be the actress ; )


If Tatum's the guy, I'm watching for sure!!


Nope. She doesn't fit the description of Ana. Emilia Clarke or Felcity Jones should play Ana. They fit the character so well. Henry Cavill for Christian Grey.


Like I said before and I'll say it again, The role of Christian Grey should go to actor Ben Barnes. The role of Anastasia Steele should go to Amanda Seyfried. And the rest, is left up to whomever can come up with a good set of background power players. So there dammit. That's my list. What is yours and can anyone out there do any better than that? Doubt it!


No way. Ana is not a model in any sense. She's petite with pale skin, BIG blue eyes, and delicate features. That doesn't describe Analeigh. I wouldn't see if she were cast as Ana.


50 shades of grey...the book really stunk...514 pages of crap..could have been 30 pages and held the same content. Read it to the end hoping the writer would finally have something to actually say, but no just a crapper read. Glad I borrowed it and didn't spend any money.

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