Tim Urban Pens Taylor Swift-Harry Style Break-Up Anthem

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It's clear at this point: Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are dating. They've been spotted together all week in New York City.

It's also rather clear: Taylor Swift and Harry Styles will soon break up and Swift will then write a single about it.

So former American Idol contestant Tim Urban is here to help.

Randomly and hilariously, the singer has penned a song in honor of this eventual split, replete with Taylor-like lyrics such as:  “He was the wrong direction with a beautiful face. He made me smile on those December days.”

Listen now:


why are people insisting that they will breakup?! if they breakup, the fans will be the reason! you people are pushing them to breakup! just leave them alone and let them live their ''love story" and let everything come naturally and go naturally! i am sick of seeing this question: will haylor last?, on every website!


he wants to be a priest some day..............ASSHOLE!!

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