SNL Opens with Children's Choir, Honors Connecticut Shooting Victims

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Martin Short hosted. Paul McCartney performed. And Tom Hanks, Alec Baldwin, Samuel L. Jackson and Tina Fey all made cameos.

But the New York Children's Choir stole the show at Saturday Night Live this weekend, as it opened the program with a beautiful rendition of "Silent Night."

The move was made in honor of the Connecticut shooting victims who died at the incomprehensible hands of Adam Lanza. Watch the moving gesture now:


So now... after 40 years of SNL mocking, bashing, and deriding Christians as fools and Christmas as the worst holiday of all they get all choked up hearing Children sing a traditional Christmas song about the night Jesus was born? This is hypocracy at it's highest pinacle...

@ Harry Kuheim

Wow, you had nothing to say but said it anyway. Every minute of the 90 minutes of SNL this past weekend had a thousand times more holiday spirit than a single vowel or consonant in the post you made.

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