Pregnant Jessica Simpson Bikini Photo: UHHHH ...

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Jessica Simpson Pregnant Bikini Photo

Jessica Simpson shows off her curvy pregnancy body in this new Twitter photo, wearing no makeup and minimal coverage over her left breast.

Seriously. That thing is not small or concealed.

This is either a wardrobe malfunction or a strange, deliberate tease. Either way, it's one of the most memorable Jessica Simpson bikini photos to date.

The singer just confirmed her second pregnancy on Christmas Day. Now she's flaunting the even more enormous assets that accompany this condition.

We can only hope for another Jessica Simpson nude Elle cover.

The 32-year-old, her fiance Eric Johnson, daughter Maxwell, sister Ashlee and mom Tina are all on vacation in Hawaii, the site of this amazing Twitter pic.

Jessica released her new Weight Watchers ad this week, despite saying she won't be staying on the diet plan while she's knocked up with baby #2.

Pregnant women aren't supposed to be on WW, of course. Luckily for Jess, she looks happy and healthy - and simply terrific in that red bikini and top.

The image will be forever ingrained in our mammary.

Jessica Simpson pregnant pics: Hot stuff?


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Maybe she should go back into Christian singing again? (ha,ha)...


This lady seems so annoying...and is she even a lady?? How many illegitimate children is she planning to produce, as the daughter of a minister and as a former Christian singer who was so proud of her Virginity?? Is she now rebelling?? What do her parents think of these un-Godly fornications and total disrespect for holy matrimony???... Is she trying to compete with her slutty sister?? It just makes her seem like a fake, although she seems happy and has cute bastards!.... Too bad she can't use the tried and true excuse: "we couldn't afford to get married first!"....???...


I don't see a bikini photo. I see a blob wearing a tarp with a sad droopy boob hanging out..


Jessica, I love you BUT, your boobs need to be reduced. They take away from your beauty as a celebrity.


To me,Jessica can do no wrong big or small. I'm so happy for she and her growing family. I wish them nothing but the best. God bless them all. :)


So what!!!
Her hoohoos have always been big, and everyone knows they get bigger during pregnancy and for a while after, especially if one is nursing (I haven't heard if she is or not).


Do you really need to say "knocked up" about a married woman, any woman for that matter?

@ wtf2

Jessica isn't married.


Where is the bikini photo??

@ joenamherst

@joe-i had that same question!


God bless her and the baby


Looks hot to me!
I'd hit it all weekend long! :)

@ big daddy

Thanks for sharing, because the world is really interested in you and your sex drive. ZZZZzzzz.