Super Troopers 2: Really Happening?!?

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In a word: Meow.

In another word: YES, we're inching ever closer to a Super Troopers sequel.

Super Troopers Scene

Fans of the 2001 cult classic have been clamoring for a follow-up for a decade, and now Broken Lizard member Jay Chandrasekhar tells Movie Fanatic the comedy troupe is committed to making it happen.

First, however, the producers must end a legal tussle with Fox over revenue made on the original.

"We’re in a discussion with Fox and going to settle it for good," Chandrasekhar says, adding that the turn-around will be immediate once that hold-up is over:

“We’ve written 12 drafts of the thing! It’s not like once a decision is made, we will be just starting. We will go at it really quickly.”

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