OJ Simpson Murders: Caught on Video?!

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A disturbing, shameless, yet kind of hilarious new tabloid report claims the infamous 1994 O.J. Simpson murders were actually caught on video.

Yes, the National Enquirer claims it has video from O.J.'s ALLEGED (totally real) slayings of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

O.J. Simpson, Murderer?

On the one hand, the Enquirer reached a new low with this one.

On the other hand ... admit it, you kinda wanna read this, right?

How on earth this celebrity news (term used beyond loosely, like Lindsay Lohan loosely) publication keeps going back to the OJ well, we have no idea.

Perhaps because we're all still curious HOW the Juice did it. No, we couldn't bring ourselves to buy If I Did It and who knows if that was even true.

Or maybe Glen Rogers did it like he claims. Just kidding. It was all O.J.

But what if a video truly caught him in the act? How incredible would that be? Obviously the tape would've been found in the past 18 YEARS. Still.

In other Enquirer news, Macaulay Culkin attempted suicide and Lindsay Lohan is heading to the mental ward. Those are actually far more believable.


if he didnt do it who is looking for the real killer o.j the cops this media company no i guess its easyer to make stuff up like o.j and hollywood gossip i didnt do it and heres the tape


What a big Lie......

Brotherap ongo

If you pull up this Youtube clip you will see that the murder photo shows that Nicole was killed at the bottom of her door step with her bare foot sticking under her steel fence http://youtu.be/Bk3Muy_MgJA. This Nat'l Enquirer bs doesn't even line the knife attack up with those found in the original autopsy report. Nicole's was a quick kill. Read SERPENT'S RISING: The OJ Simpson Conspiracy or PURSUIT OF EXHIBIT 35 in the OJ Simpson Murder Trial at Amazon and find the truth.


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