Most Popular Tweet of 2012: Revealed!

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The single most popular Tweet of 2012 was short and sweet:

"Four more years."

Barack and Michelle Obama Photo

Before he took the stage to affirm his 2012 presidential election victory, Barack Obama marked his win via Twitter with the three words, and photo, seen above.

Within hours, President Obama's Tweet simultaneously became the most re-tweeted of the year, and of all time, resent by more than 810,000 people.

It's not hard to see why.

After winning a grueling campaign, many Obama supporters likely embraced one another as the Commander-in-Chief and wife Michelle Obama did.

In second place was Justin Bieber's sad, poignant farewell to the late Avalanna Routh, the young cancer patient he became close to this year.

"RIP Avalanna. I love you."

Many, many of Justin's Beliebers (220,000-plus) responded to this simple, declarative message from the pop superstar to a young fan by re-tweeting it.

Third place goes to the Green Bay Packers' TJ Lang after the worst call in NFL history screwed his team out of a win against Seattle. He Tweeted:

“Fuck it NFL.. Fine me and use the money to pay the regular refs.”

Around 100,000 fans equally fed up with the replacement referees re-tweeted Lang's call to bring the regular zebras back. Sure enough, it happened.

What was your favorite Tweet of 2012?

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