Lucy Hale: Learning About Life, Music

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Lucy Hale is featured in the latest issue of Nylon magazine.

With Pretty Little Liars Season 3 set to resume next month, the adorable actress opens up about her upcoming album (“I’m learning [guitar]... It’s going to be me. It’ll be raw. That’s definitely the joy of songwriting.”) and also her recent split from Chris Zylka.

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Lucy Hale for Nylon Magazine

"Every relationship I’ve had, I’ve learned something good and positive," she tells the publication. "I’m 23. I’m a woman, but I’m not fully the person that I think I will be. We’re all just trying to figure it out. Some of us just have to do it publicly.”

As for how she wants to see her ABC Family smash conclude, Hale has an interesting idea:

“I want it to be a Bonnie and Clyde thing. Where Aria and Ezra are in it together. Or Spencer and Toby. But something romantic, [where] you root for them [even though] they’re the bad guys.”

We'd totally watch that. Wouldn't you?


i don't knw why shes singing country like taylor freacking swift why ppl like taylor all she sings about is exs


She used to be really pretty, but isn't aging that well.
And I think the photoshop really works against her in this shoot.


I've seen this young woman act, and I personally think she has absolutely no talent. I can't wait to hear her attempt at singing...not. Why do celebrities think that just because they can act automatically means they should have a singing career? I bet she has a mediocre voice at best, and would never have gotten noticed if her "acting" career hadn't already given her a leg up.


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