Chris Zylka and Lucy Hale Split, Actor Tweets Bitterness Toward Ex

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Chris Zylka and Lucy Hale have broken up. The actor and actress, who started dating in March, confirmed the split this week via Twitter.

Not overly unusual for a couple in Hollywood, right? Except that the former Secret Circle star has also taken to that social network to express clear bitterness toward his ex.

Chris Zylka and Lucy Hale

"Don't have a girlfriend -- she decided she was too good," Zylka wrote, adding:"Never any disrespect towards anyone. Only if you say what you say you should stick to it. If you say you love then love."


The Pretty Little Liars actress has remained quiet about the split, but was forced to respond to rumors this week that she was actually dating Teen Wolf hunk Colton Haynes.

"I've known him from my Privileged days, from The CW," Hale said of talk that she and Haynes were recently spotted together. "I don't meet a lot of genuine people in my life and he's a special kind of person, and I try to surround myself with people like that."


You are so right @Samantha


I'm well aware that some men are like that, thank you very much Yawn. But there are still a few good men out there, and there are less and less everyday because of girls who can't keep their legs closed. Then women have the audacity to bitch and moan that all men are pigs. Who made them that way?


Sounds like her boyfriend is just bitter..period. Plus classless to take it it Twitter.
Oh, and Samantha, most men have a new girl waiting in the wings when they
break up with a girl..FYI.


Sounds like her boyfriend has every right to be bitter. There are too many girls out there that think it's alright to move onto the next guy while they're still dating someone else. Never liked her in the first place, but definitely don't like her now.

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