Jenelle Evans: Back on the Smack?!

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Have Jenelle Evans’ troubles with drugs resurfaced?

After disappearing for hours in the middle of the night from her home in North Carolina, her husband Courtland Rogers became deeply concerned.

On Twitter of course.

Jenelley Evans

”Leaves at 3 am returns at 730 am where the f*ck did she go for four hours late night ?? !yea I am done !!! F*ck this," wrote Rogers, clearly upset.

Given her past, and the fact that Rogers recently accused Kieffer Delp of getting her hooked on heroin, Jenelle’s disappearance does make one wonder.

“Jenelle struggles with drugs, which everyone knows, and when she disappears in the middle of the night we get terrified that she’s using again,” a source told Radar.

“She doesn’t always do the right thing and with Courtland freaking out we are definitely starting to get really worried that she’s back on drugs.”

In her own defense, Jenelle claimed she was with her best friend Tori and they did a video chat on Stickam, writing on her own Twitter account:

“I did NOT write any tweets on my twitter I haven't been on twitter since 6am."

"I went to chill with @Vkillemm at 3am... That's all.”

Maybe so. Hopefully so. But friends still worry.

“Jenelle can get into a really dark place, and she needs to stop doing things that hurt her and get some help," the source adds. "Jenelle clearly hasn’t kicked her addiction.

"We are constantly afraid that she might be doing the really bad drugs again, but we don’t know because we can’t get a straight answer from her.”

As for Courtland, he expressed his fears for his bride again on Twitter, writing: “I am so f*cking sad,” but quickly wrote an apology to Jenelle Evans:

“It's just when I wake up at 4 am and u were gone it scared me jenelle I am sorry ... I am sorry on how this morning worked out !! ... I jumped to conclusions I love u so much.”

Communication. Love. Brings a tear to your eye ...

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For Godsakes who freaking gives a flying fuck about a drug addict nemaed Jenelle Evans. She belongs on the corner with a cardboard sign like every other loser who refuses to get their shit straight. Here is a though- STOP making her famous- she doesnt deserve one red cent of it.


americans wanna look like europeans.starting with weight & innocent grass. JUST TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY..........