Hilary Duff Weight Loss: Skinny Jeans in the Hizzy!

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Eight months after giving birth to son Luca, Hilary Duff is back in her skinny jeans. The actress, 25, Tweeted a photo celebrating her weight loss this week.

Hilary Duff Skinny Jeans
Hilary Duff Bangs Photo

"Yaaaa bitches! Gabe Johns you're kickin my ass and its paying off! Skinny jeans! lets go!" Duff tweeted with the above picture of her size-26 jeans.

Johns, an LA-based personal trainer and boxing instructor, began working with the starlet about two and half months ago to help with her weight loss.

Unlike many celebrities, Duff took her time when it comes to dropping the baby weight and that's just fine with her. She certainly looks fine after a mere eight months!

Perhaps the most impressive celebrity weight loss we've seen belongs to Jessica Simpson, who shed 70 pounds ... of course, she went and got pregnant again.

Congrats, Hilary! Lookin' good!

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She shouldn't be that skinny...she is the same size as my 13 yr old NEPHEW. That is crazy.


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Anyone can take a pic of skinny jeans...where is the picture of her IN the skinny jeans???

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