Gun Advocates Petition U.S. to Deport Piers Morgan

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Piers Morgan's gun control rants are not sitting well with some.

The CNN host has incurred his share of wrath since the Newtown shooting massacre - and now there's even a petition seeking to deport him from the USA.

The petition to deport him, submitted on the official White House website by writer Kurt Nimmo, has received over 12,000 signatures. The text reads:

"British Citizen and CNN host Piers Morgan is engaged in a hostile attack against the U.S. Constitution by targeting the Second Amendment."

"We demand that Mr. Morgan be deported immediately for his effort to undermine the Bill of Rights and for exploiting his position as a national network TV host."

If exploiting one's position as a national network TV host were grounds for government action, we're pretty sure CNN and Fox News would both be out of business.

Peeps are really going nuts with these White House petitions of late.

A Texas secession effort, launched following the reelection of President Obama, has garnered well over the 25,000 signatures needed for a formal response.

The petition to oust Piers makes those Texans' case look promising.

Morgan, who's made forceful attacks on pro-gun advocates in the wake of the massacre at Sandy Hook (Conn.) Elementary, responded to the petition rather happily.

He raises some interesting points ... grammatical and constitutional:

Morgan Tweets

Gun control: Is it time for more/stricter laws?


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Errh what happened to your so-called 'freedom of speech.' ?. And he is just advocating better gun laws ..nothing else.


Not surprising. Gun nuts tend to be both rabidly conservative and blindly religious and so become hysterical when any of their idiotic beliefs are questioned. They hate anyone disagreeing with them since their pathetic house of cards is hard enough to keep up as it is.


You folks need to see Piers Morgan interviewing Howard Stern on CNN.Piers Morgan was very interested in one particular part of Howard Stern's body.I cant believe they took Larry King off to put this guy on.


Please tell me why, as a non American, I should not laugh at you? Enjoy burying your babies. We have no sympathy for you as only YOUR country does this.


I am so confused about what I’m reading. After what happened in Newport, we are talking about deporting a man that feels we should have better gun laws. He’s not the one committing the crimes. He’s just trying to give his opinion on all the violence. Sometimes I feel our America’s main problem is that we have to much freedom and rights. Everything is “the right to do this or the right to do that” What the hell, what about the right to be able to wake up and not feel our lives are in danger just because we woke up this morning. We can’t and will not have a perfect situation when it comes to things that are bad, but we can dam sure TRY OUR HARDEST. To @ NRA ” Amazing- all these anti gun people- the minute they need help- they call a cop.... Because he has a gun.” Isn’t it their jobs to carry a gun. Why would you take the law in your hand.

@ Rita Orr Rihanna

28,000 homicides last year- 38k suicides last year all by hand guns. The mentality of those 66k is where we should start. Does the fork make you fat, does the car make you drive drunk, does not being able to take care of a child actually make you have an abortion? It's never one thing- NEVER!

@ Kubota

I'm thinking you can't tell people much of anything- that in itself is the problem. People want freedom minus accountability.

@ Kubota

I'm happy to hear the satistics but what if we had better gun laws, than the 38K would still be here. Abortions I don't believe in. But you can't tell people what to do with their bodies either. Lets start off by just worrying about controlling what we can.


Amazing- all these anti gun people- the minute they need help- they call a cop.... Because he has a gun.


Indeed... a cop should carry a gun not any citizen.


don't be so hostile, you americans.

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