Dump Trump Billboard: Circling Macy's Headquarters!

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The online campaign urging Macy’s to Dump Trump is hitting the streets - billboard style.


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    I don't really care about his political leanings. What I care about is his sexist remarks, such as when he essentially demanded every woman get AIDS tested because, you know, only WOMEN spread the disease, right?

    He isn't a beacon of fiscal responsibility, either. Often times, investing in a Trump real estate venture is a scam.

    Macy's should want to protect someone who is a racist/homophobic/sexist. While they claim that his views aren't representative of their views, they don't seem to come across as neutral by keeping Trump on.


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    What's wrong with Moveon.org? Do they not like the high profile nature of someone like Donald Trump exposing them. The fact is this. Moveon.org is owned by George Soros whom ( see youtube interviews ) has actually sworn on camera to destroy the American economic system. So now we have George using Moveon to try to destroy Donald through the media with to purpetuate his agenda. And by the way, YES "The Donald" was correct with his "Birther" argument. Sheriff Joe Arpaio proved it with his investigation. The problem was that Sheriff Joe could not obtain the Attorney Generals office in the prosecution of the charges. Yes.America, this is a fraudulent President. Yes America The Donald has been right all along and Yes America your being duped by a devoted Marxist in that of George Soros and Barack Obama.
    Side note: Soros and his organizations donated literally millions to Obamas first campaign and re-elections. Why? Could it be that Soros major stake in the World Bank has anything to do with it. Keep in mind that this is the same fellow that broke the British Sterling and 4 other nations economic systems.

    @ Ken Crow

    Well said, Ken. I couldn't have said it better.

    @ Ken Crow

    Does anybody remember George W?

    @ Ken Crow

    I've got a bridge for sale Ken. It's a really good bridge.


    The anti-America communist can go straight to hell alone with the black racist in the White House

    @ Mary

    Mary, you are the racist. It is people like you, Donald Trump, and Adolph Hitler who are evil doers.

    @ Sandra

    Donald is not near the racist Obama is. People envy trump because of his money. Most minorities and chocolate filled whites are racist to the point where they talk about whites. It's in their nature. They will never amount to anything desirable. Trash migrates towards trash and the successful ALWAYS wants no part of trash.

    @ Bennie behind the Duece

    'chocolate filled whites'....interesting, but a sign of just how racist you are...as far as envy for trump, i highly doubt that....why would anyone envy a bag of hot air who only gets to marry beautiful women because of his money..if he didn't have money not a single women would even look at him twice...so he uses his money to buy his wife.


    These anti-America communist can go straight to hell and join the rest of their scumbags


    I don't understand those people who like it to be related to this ASS KISSING FAGGOT.
    dump him in some homes for the elderly.
    ...............IN NEVADA?


    Dump the current clueless occupant of the White House. Delusional people signing this petition are too stupid to realize they are being conned by the Deceptocrats and the driveby media. Our country is being bankrupted and torn apart by class warfare, war on religion, government takeover of the economy, dangerous and inept foreign policy and flouting of the constitution. The liar-in-chief and mocker-in-chief is fast becoming the first American dictator. The low-information voters are voting themselves handouts out of greed and selfishness. We are being turned into a has-been and nobody seems to care, certainly not the media. The brain washing starts in the public schools. It's time to wake up people.

    @ Ron Johnson

    Has anybody found a rightie with a brain?

    @ joanee

    Let me take a longshot guess. You watch the Fox Infotainment channel don't you?


    Trump makes good sense and wish he was our President v. Who we currently have at the helm. I don't believe he would have Americans wondering abut the Financial Cliff and perhaps proud to actually have a plan for a balanced budget.

    @ Gary Davis

    They sell brains in Ma. Maybe you should look into it.

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