Charlie Sheen Apologizes for Bar-Opening Homophobic Slur

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Charlie Sheen decided to end the year with a controversial bang last night.

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    Charlie has no class and no sense. Are we sure he's not a Kardasian???


    This is all being blown outta proportion. Faggot is just a word, no need to get so butthurt. And also, that little shot about Charlie being abusive in your article was LOW AS FUCK. There's never been any proof he is, so you should check your facts. Charlie is a decent, amazing, gorgeous man.

    @ Veronika Sheen

    And you know he is how, before you start saying FAGGOT is only a word you can go fuck yourself to cunt... scumbag whore....


    What I can't understand is why would he go that way in the first place? Is it a gay bar? Even so there is no reason for him to call them the "f" word then apologize and say he has a lisp and meant to say maggot. He's lying and everyone knows it....even the Mayor of LA. IMO, the man is ignorant.


    I've now read what Charlie supposedly said three times. I don't see anywhere in it where he conveys even the slightest hint that he's afraid of queers or has a phobia regarding them.


    well, you have indeed righ ideas about the pefect society: F*CK THE F*GGOTS!!

    @ clitt

    no fuck you you homophobic cunt


    We've been building the United States of the Offended for years now. No surprise. Comedians can mock anybody and get away with it...unless it's a "protected class" elevated to s superior position...such as based on race or sexual persuasion. Religious people, familes and so on are fair game however because those damn family values are what's ruining America. Right? So wise we are, Lord Vader.

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