Brandi Glanville to LeAnn Rimes: My Sons Are NOT Yours!

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Ding, ding! Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes are at it again.

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    Jake and Mason's mother should just be glad that her boys are not treated like trash the way that they very well could have been! I have an aunt who was put through a living Hell thanks to her step mother and what made things worse for my aunt is that her step mom was the ONLY mother that my aunt ever knew!!!

    God bless you and my aunt and Jake and Mason always!!!

    Holly in East Tennessee

    P.S. Maybe its a good thing that my aunt now has Alzheimer's Disease because now she can't remember how much abuse she had to endure before getting married at the young age of 14. (trying not to cry)


    Leann was very insensitive but that seems to be her nature. You cant contribute to breaking up someones home and be considerate ha ha thats a conflict.

    Obviously homewreckers dont just want ur husband they want ur life. Brandy stop letting this anorexic meanspirited woman bait will never be enough that she has stolen ur life she obviously wants to break u into nothing.


    That skeleton-looking loon-job Leann is now crossing a line she should N-O-T be crossing at all. It's bad enough that Leann stole Eddie (who is no prize himself) from Brandi. But for Leann to refer to Jake and Mason as...her boys? Very, very dumb as hell!!!!! Also, Eddie is nothing but a hypocritical douche-bag!!!!! And, in that THG photo, Leann looks like a scary-looking celebrity wax figure...LOL!!!!! One last thing: I've said this before and I'll say it again...TEAM BRANDI!!!!!


    LeAnn needs a royal beatdown. The more she squawks annoying things, the more I hate this leering, human skeleton. They are NOT HER boys; they will only have ONE mother, the one who bore and loves them. LeAnn, Eddie cheated on Brandi, he will MOST DEFINITELY cheat on your bony, insecure azz....mmmm can't wait. KARMA


    Man, if I had a husband that left me for another woman, and that woman turned around and referred to my kids as hers, I'd be pissed off too. I hate all of those celebrity housewives shows and stuff, but she totally has the right of this. Miss Rimes needs to be a little more considerate. She already stole the husband, she doesn't need to try and steal the kids as well. Good Lord some people have no respet for marriage or a family.


    Brandi needs to take a "chill pill". I think LeAnn is trying to be a good stepmother and I commend her for that. Wanting to be with Eddie's boys and loving them is an awesome thing - I know as I have three step-children and they are wonderful!

    @ Jane Bryant

    Being a divorcee and tired of people giving excuses to home wrecking people (man and woman), LeAnn Rimes was trying to "stick it" to Brandi by calling Brandi's boys "my boys" and for making it seem like they have a better time with her. She didn't give birth to the boys therefore they are not "my boys". Now if she had said "my stepsons" that would have been different. I have my own kids and 2 step daughters and I am very sensitive to their mother's feelings (and I was never the cause of their parents divorce). If she really loved the boys then she wouldn't do hurtful digs considering she is the one that helped break up their family. Very selfish if you ask me!

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