Barbara Palvin: Spotted Again with Justin Bieber?!?

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We're very sorry, Selena Gomez. But you might wanna turn away.

According to Life & Style insiders, Justin Bieber met up with Barbara Palvin on December 8, just a few weeks after he allegedly hung out with her at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, which led to discord between him and Gomez.

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"Justin and Barbara were together in Miami," a friend of Bieber's tells the tabloid. "They aren't being bashful about hanging out and getting closer."

If this report is accurate, it could cause serious problems for Bieber and Gomez, who split for awhile in October, supposedly because Justin wanted to have sex with super models.

"Selena laid down the law about what Justin must do to make her happy," a friend says of how these two reconciled. "She was very specific and told him if he messes up, it will be over."

Does this count as a mess up? Will Jelena be over for good? Stay tuned, readers!

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hi my name is Melissa can you give me your give me your number. thank you Justin


Justin and barabar fuck specially justin hw can u do with selena lik dis almost 2yrs u r gether hw justin u really suck


Chritine steward was blamed for flirting or sleeping with someone that is not Robert, so lets get it staright. nobody knows if the had sex or not but for the fact the Christine was also criticized without know what really happened behind the doors, Justine bieber must be criticized too. men and women are all human. is we judge well, we can only make the world a better place and not a place for double standart, sexiest or hypocrits


oh yes! bc just bc he hangs out witha new girl automatically means there dating!!!!!! justin has known selena so much better then this barbara and wouldnt leave Selena 4 tht chick! i dont care WHO she is!


Bieber's "friend" must be some stupid person from the tabloids. Obviously, this is some stupid rumor, because Justin was only seen with Barbara at least once or twice and that was with FRIENDS. Barbara and Justin are never getting together.


omg females need to stop doing stupid stuff.............


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Honestly, who could blame him? He has really hot supermodels who would not mind him getting involved with him. But, he does have a young woman like Selena Gomez, who is two years older than he is.


.....start crying: BEEEEWEEEEEEBIEBER!!


Biggest piece of bullshit i have ever read.

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