Anne Hathaway Crotch Shot Photos Published, "Devastating" to Actress

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With her critically-beloved performance in Les Miserables, Anne Hathaway hopes to soon be compared with stars such as Meryl Streep.

Unfortunately for the actress, however, one mistake made this week has put her in the same class as Britney Spears instead.

Anne Hathaway on the Red Carpet

Hathaway was caught with her pants down yesterday... or her skirt up, to be more accurate, as the actress was snapped exiting a car, sans a shred of underwear.

The New York Daily News has published the racy Hathaway photos in question, and also overheard the newlywed making it clear this was a regretful error.

“I was getting out of the car and my dress was so tight that I didn’t realize it until I saw all the photographers’ flashes,” Hathaway told Vanity Fair writer Ingrid Sischy during lunch yesterday at the Four Seasons, adding:

“It was devastating. They saw everything. I might as well have lifted up my skirt for them.”

To paraphrase Hathaway's famous character in Les Miserables, that would definitely be a dream many a man around the world has dreamed in times gone by.


this is so like lohan and britney spears. they go to such lengths for this kind of material. clean this up folks


I love how these celebrities always think they're the victim - the fact that Anne thinks she is, too, says all the more about how much she belongs in the category... it is a CHOICE to wear things that require no underwear. There is such a thing as FREE WILL.


1) Why was she out in a dress that was "so tight" to begin with? And
2) Why be out with no underwear on?


Wow some of u guys are total nuts. No conspiracy theories or smutt just a fashion accident. We have seen many or had them our selves. Problem is getting a little excited be she is sexy and famous. The right thing to do is to look away, after all its the way most of us were bought up. To respect.


How unfortunate Matt in his sexist interview and these guys are so narrow in perspective and money has become so more important than integrity and allowing one to have certain things left personal - how intriguing the female body - what foolhearty men so easily manipulated by something we all share and dignity to individual and personal photographs - well, ya all there voted for Barry Obama and w/your new payroll taxes and lay offs and all that follows, even his trip soon to Tehran to pat the fellas on the back for having a WMD just like the "Zionists" as this "Rev Wright-Obama pulpit" stated as Tehran's Rights back in '08 - ya ll shall see the whole thing slide down the tubes and with it all the immorality and self-serving ways - it will be soon now as Germany and the ever power Vatican are on the march and a new Confederate of Middle East states shall hood wink everyone and War looms ahead - I guess Ann's personal being and your Right to snap photos - you have much to learn and the days of crime and calamity upon us - this time, Obama's weakened America will fail in every way - you have no integrity - how dare you talk like you do to Anne and sell photos giving her none of her dignity cause her dress rode up on her - you shall learn and the days will be shortened soon - oh ya, as afar as the "Benghazi Massacre" - no arrests, no one accountable other than the "buck stops here" - "Treason I Shout and Shame on You I Say" - Every man and woman deserves dignity and when someone finds another in just such a situation as Anne, unknowing, what would you - Gentlemen - know any way? Your're a bunch of uneducated punks - the sensationalism of the snatch is my title for you are so intrigued by nothing more than a body which we all share - nothing so intriguing - all are just people - Anne and others talented and desrving of Respect, just like others in their own professional pursuits - grow up! Sign the petition to remove Matt - he is so perverse like so many men - so intrigued by nothing so sensational - integrity and a person's dignity -




Accidently shows what every woman has, relax folks it is jus the naked female form. She is a classy woman who had a fashion mishap. To Anne-- just forget about it and continue with your excellent career

@ Roberta

And please do tell us what exactly makes going out dressed like this more classy when you have a career than if you don't? What exactly makes it different with Anne? You're saying a princess shooting up heroin is not the same as a bum doing it? Because it all looks the same to me...

@ Roberta

Roberta, shut ya trap and let us enjoy a little SNATCH, ok? Yousr probably smells like fish, but hers must smell like roses, for sure!


She looks like the actor Bob Saget

@ Lisi

don't insult bob saget like that...its hilarious that she's devastated but yet her slutty body has been plastered in one too many bad movies.


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