Anderson Cooper: Tickled by a Pickle!

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The Silver Fox strikes again!

During an interview with Judd Apatow, Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd from This is 40, Anderson Cooper got into a conversation with Rudd about the actor's affection for pickles.

After a bit of juice was squirted, the host jumped in with a joke made all the more funny by Anderson's gay admission in July.

Watch now to see what we mean:


What a sick group these are. Side walk sissy! Laughs like a little 9 year old girl. This is the type that are fighting for rights? Give me a break. I bet he gets his fill of Christmas fudge.

@ Poop

That "sissy" is more man than you will ever be. I wonder why you read articles about him and waste your time commenting. But then, homophobes are often bitter closet cases who think it will make them look straight if they bash the guy they want to bone.


there was a DILDO pinched on his seat?

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